• I am Deb, just registered tonight, and I am looking forward to receiving alot of educational information about Basenjis. I think the very best way to learn about any breed is to talk with and listen to the people who share their lives and homes with them on a daily basis. We have owned chihuahuas and pugs for the past 20 years, but have 3 mixed breed rescue family members as well. Raven has been with us since her mistress passed away and Rocky is her son. We think they are mixed with some basenji. She is spayed and he is neutered, Raven is 3 and Rocky is 2. There is only one basenji breeder in the state where we live and I sent her information and pics when Raven first came to live with us. While only a DNA test will conclusively tell us what Raven and Rocky are made up of..lol I still would like to learn about your wonderful basenjis.

  • hi Deb, welcome! I saw the picture of Rocky - he's a cutie. I thought he looks like a basenji/chi mix?

  • Welcome to the forum. You will find out all sorts of information here!

  • Welcome 🙂

  • Welcome to you and your doogy family.

  • I certainly appreciate the welcomes, thank you. I have been doing lots of reading, and therefore am learning alot about the breed. This is quite an informative site. You guys have done a great job.

  • Gosh, Rocky looks just a dog our neighbors adopted from the Humane Society last year! They were told 'probably' chi-basenji mix. Rocky is very cute, as they all are. Welcome!

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