This is our Basenji Ginger and Corgi Sasha

  • This was 4 months ago when we first adopted her. Vet says 2-3yo. She has gained 3-4lbs since and Sasha has lost 3-4. Ginger's paws are alot whiter now also. They were almost brown from being at the shelter. Took us a week and 4 baths to get the shelter smell off her though. We had to have the windows rolled down when we brought her home.

    We got her because we wanted a companion for our Corgi while we are at work. Also to help her become more active and lose some weight. Also I have been wanting another dog for some time. I searched for a few months at the surrounding shelters and really liked her attitude towards our daughter when we met her. So we brought her home not knowing what breed or anything about her. She is teaching us now LOL

    Very good dog except some chewing problems which we are working through. Great with Sasha and our 4yo daughter. Great with company that comes to visit. Was very timid and flinchy at first. Not sure if it was from the shelter or a previous owner or what. But that is all basically gone now. Stays home with Sasha during the day with little to know problems besides random chewing. Loves to play and CHEW. Sasha finally taught her to fetch instead of taking the toy off to chew somewhere.So overall a very good pup

    Loves to wait in sunroom for a squirrel or cat to come in back yard. Then rush out the dog door and chase them away. Last week she actually got hold of a cat and they had a tussle. She came out with a small scratch and little hole in her nose. No real damage just wore out for the rest of the day.

    She didnt bark for almost 2 weeks. We thought she was full blood B at the time. Since she barks and her tail is pretty straight we think she is a mix with something. But we arent sure.

    Wife and daughter have learned to pick up their shoes and clothes off the floor now πŸ™‚ Daughter has learned to guard her food until she it finished also. She pulled 3 of my shoes from different pairs out in middle of front room one day. Didnt chew any of them. So not sure why but she pretty much leaves my clothes/shoes alone. The girls on other hand have to keep close watch.

  • Beautiful pups!! Wow Ginger sure looks like a B there, she is missing the white tip on her tail though! I am glad everything worked out for you the other day, fingers crossed that that will be the solution. Yes Antler pieces are very expensive. Thank you for rescuing her!

  • She's beautiful, and so is your Corgi. I'm sure they are forming a wonderful friendship. Yes, basenjis do teach you to pick up things off the floor.

    Not passing any judgement, just wanted to say that Ginger's nails look a little long. I use a Dremel to file Kipawa's nails. Not all dogs like it, but it's an effective way to keep their nails nice and short. I dremel one nail, then give one tiny treat, another nail, another treat…. Needless to say, nail filing time is enjoyable for Kipawa!

    Ginger definitely looks to have basenji in her. And that is one gorgeous tropical plant (banana?) you have in the yard. πŸ™‚

  • Her nails were long in those pics. We had just brought her home that day or day before. I have been clipping them regularly now. Trying to get the quick to shrink some so I can get them shorter. She does pretty good with letting me do it but still a little bit fussy. Just did her fronts again last night while she was being lazy in my bed.

    And yes thats a banana. Got one shoot from a guy at work 4-5 years ago. Thing dies every winter to the ground and comes back bigger and bigger.

  • Welcome to the forum, Ginger looks lovely, she must be 3/4 Basenji, πŸ˜‰ Sasha is lovely too

  • First Basenji's

    Great combo you have there. Looking forward to more stories and pictures!

  • Welcome to the forum. It seems you are all learning a lot! Lovely pictures.

  • welcome! when i first saw your posting title, I wondered if you needed a third dog. This one looks like he'd fit right in:

    and it's not really that big of a leap from 2 to 3 dogs.

  • That is a cute dog available for adoption!


  • Hi Hoot,
    Welcome to the forum. I wanted to introduce myself to you because I too adopted a dog for the same reasons. I wanted a companion for my Golden Retriever who is also my service dog. He had gained a lot of weight during a period where I was sick with my MS. I decided to go to our local shelter and found my baby Taz. He had a great personality and got along well with my Golden "Levi" . I too did not know what kind of dog he was until my BF figured it out. All we knew was that he was hound/terrier mixed. Little did I know he was Basenji or even what a Basenji was. I learned quickly. lol.. He too likes to chew a lot and we have to put everything out of his reach, especially cell phones (from experience) He won't mess with the remote control though. He does like to table surf and will take anything from gloves to mail to cellphones off the tables. He is a very loveable dog though. He loves to be in my lap and is a leaner. You will probably find she is very cat like as it is a trait of basenji's. My Taz likes to lean up against me when i am getting ready in the bathroom or when I am standing around. He is very partial to me though he loves my BF (not sure why) but he doesn't sit with him unless I am out of the room. I have to put baby gates up to keep him from going into the kitchen or from going upstairs to table surf in the bathroom or bedrooms or keep the doors shut. You will find baby gates very helpful. Also you will find that keeping lots and lots of chew toys around will be very helpful to keep her attention off of things she shouldn't chew. We use Nylabones for powerful chewers and they love pigs ears and will take them a while to chew them. Kongs are great as well because they can chew them and not destroy them as they tend to do to other softer plastic toys. I have also found he loves tennis balls and won't destroy them as well. He is fully crate trained but will sleep in the bed with me when my BF is not here. They are very playful as well. Females do tend to try to be more dominant but being a dominant person can offset that problem. Here are some pics of my Taz and you can see they look very much alike. Taz's tail is curled but not nearly as much as a full Basenji. His ears also tip more like a terrier as well. He sheds very little though when I brought him home he was shedding very bad and I don't know if it was stress related to him being at the shelter or if it was just his diet. I feed him purina pro plan sensitve stomach and skin formula which consist of salmon, brewers rice and oatmeal which are very healty for them and keeps their fur shiney and their skin healthy as well as their stomachs. You will find though the longer you have her you will fall in love with Basenjis. I hope you enjoy her and have lots of fun.

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