The Canine Genetic Tree
First Basenji's

I just thought this was pretty interesting as it pertains history of our beloved Basenjis. There may be some owners that may not realize the unique genetic structure, and since this is tangible for viewing, I thought I'd share it:

In 2004, the foundational analysis of purebred dog genetics was published in Science ( The resulting tree was profoundly asymmetrical. After wolves, just four groups sat its base: Asia?s shar-pei, along with shiba inu, akita and chow chow; central Africa?s basenji; malamutes from the Arctic, along with Siberian huskies and samoyeds; and from the Middle East, Afghan hounds and salukis.

I read most of the pdf, and hope some of you may find it interesting as well…!

Thank youfor posting this link. I will LOVE reading it!

A great read - thank you so much! Hope you don't mind but I shared it on my facebook. My sister has a blue chow.

First Basenji's

don't mind at all, thanks for sharing!!!:D

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