• Hi. We have a new 6 month old puppy from the shelter. His name is Davinci. He was sold to us as a "terrier mix". While at his well baby check up, a customer who has raised 10 basenji's asked me if he was part basenji. I said I wasn't sure, but it would make sense. His tail isn't a complete curly-cue, he has an odd sounding bark but he is loud, but not often. He has the face of a tri basenji, and we were thinking that his dad was the basenji, cause he was born in March. He doesn't lick himself like a cat, but does lick his feet alot. He hardly sheds. He jumps from the floor to the tip of my forehead. He is fast.

    We have a fenced in yard, and we have an 8 year old female schnauzer. At first he tried to mount her, but she put a stop to that immediately. He was neutered at the shelter. He pees like a female dog, and is trained. I'm having uber troubles when it rains, and now it's cold outside. (Ugg weather). Our baby will not go outside. I have to push him outside, and the other day, he bit my ear…lol....yep, jumped before I knew what he was going to do. I usually take my schnauzer outside, as little puppies, so they learn to go outside, no matter the weather. If it's a mild day, he'll go right out. Today I caught him peeing in the garage. I'll stop that immediately.

    This is why the basenji part adds up to me. Seriously thinking about getting him dna tested. I like basenji's and think they are interesting dogs. I found this forum, and wondered if you have any ideas, on breed and on training him to go outside in bad weather...guess I'll put him on a leash, if I can catch him, and take him outside. He is my 20 year old son's dog. He is a very loving dog.

  • Not wanting to go out to pee in the rain is certainly a Basenji trait. Have you got more photos? I can't say that he has Baswnji in him but he's certainly very cute. Welcome to the forum.

  • I have tons of pictures now….today, he cowled his back,and I swear, he meowed. Or something high pitched. He is a cat in dog's clothing.


    Here's the link to his other pictures. I swear, he poses for them. First dog I've ever had that likes my DSLR camera.

  • very interesting looking dog. Basenji mix I am guessing, but will be corrected by the breeders on this site.

  • Great pictures…....I think I see Basenji in there. 🙂

  • I am seeing basenji in that little face…something else too...but at least some basenji.

  • Welcome!

    Some of his poses look like basenji poses. I'm just curious to know what he is mixed with. Whatever he is, he is a cute little devil, and more than likely the light in your family's life. 🙂

  • He looks so much like my coco. you wouldn't believe it. I was told she was chihuahua and basenji. My shih tzu has held it for almost 24 hours because of the weather before. He won't go inside at all. All of my dogs hate the rain and snow. I have 3 chihuahua mixes and a shih tzu.

  • He really is a cutie! Thanks for the link. I agree that certainly is a Basneji pose. How big is he? Difficult to tell from the photos.

  • Davinci is a cutie, and I do think he might have some Basenji in there!

    Refusing to go out in the wet is certainly a Basenji trait; I just started using a "Potty Park" http://www.pottypark.com/ for my 15 year old Basenji (who is recovering from a probable stroke) so he won't have to go out when it's way too cold. Maybe you'll want to give that a try for Davinci when the weather isn't so good.

    So far my Billy will pee on it when it's outside but not on it when it's indoors. We've had it less than a week and we've worked our way up to it being just outside the open door. I'm confident that this old dog can learn a new trick. 🙂

  • Does look likely that he has basenji in him - very cute little guy whatever he is! Love those bat ears.

  • @Patty:

    He really is a cutie! Thanks for the link. I agree that certainly is a Basneji pose. How big is he? Difficult to tell from the photos.

    She is 10lbs. Full of energy when she wants to be and super attached to me. Loves people but definately a one person dog.

  • Rat terrier. There is some basenji behind some of the rat terriers but my guess especially with his coloring would be rat terrier.

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