• Hi there! This is my first post, though I have been reading through the forum since before I got my Basenji.

    He is almost 1 year old and his name is Mansa (pronounced Mahn-sah) meaning King of kings, after Mansa Musa of the kingdom of Mali in the 1300s. A note to all future owners–if you name your dog after a king, he may just try to come in to that role!

    Here he is!

    If anyone knows of a basenji playgroup in the area (im in north seattle) please let me know! Mansa would really like to wrestle and chase some other Bs.


  • Welcome to the forum Jennifer and Mansa! Handsome king you have there! 🙂

  • hi Jenni and Mansa! So nice to have you on the Forum. 🙂 Mansa has that 'Kingly' look about him. 🙂

    Our Kipawa is just over a year old now. I find it to be an incredible time in our life with him. Some of the silly puppy stuff is being replaced by quite mature actions and thoughts. Are you finding the same?

    We are not far up north from you in the Vancouver, Canada area. I make trips down to your area for various dog shows that Kipawa's breeder enters. Kipawa is from FoPaws Basenjis, Therese and Kevin Leimback. Who bred your King Mansa?

  • Kipawa, Oakley will be 11 months on the 30th and I can't agree more. SOME of the puppyish behaviors are going away but I find that as Oakley gets older he only thinks more about what he's going to get into and smarter, more efficient ways to do so! I will say, I was opposed to getting him neutered before a year but it has made him more enjoyable as he isn't so determined!

  • Hello and Welcome from Canada!

  • Welcome Jennifer!

    I live in Renton with my 2 bs but I work in North Seattle. I wonder if BasenjiShaun has a play group. I believe he lives up around here.

    Mansa is gorgeous!!!

  • If you haven't already done so, you might want to contact the Evergreen Basenji Club based in the Seattle/Tacoma area. I'm sure they'll be able to direct you to events in the area.

  • Welcome…

    Mansa is adorable 🙂

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