• Now my name is underneath…..:)

  • Congratulations, I too thought you were a woman:) Beautiful dog.

  • Thank you… yeah? .. ok now I'm starting to worry:p

  • Many congratulations to Ayo and you, but especial congratulations to Valentina! Ayo is very handsome too!!

  • congratulations! (and i thought you were a woman, too!)

  • thank you …...(why not?):)

  • And another congrats. Honestly, I never thought about you being a man or woman, but I love that pic of you and Ayo in the shaking hands pose. And your niece is adorable with Ayo in her pristine white dress. Looks like everyone had fun.

  • Hi David,

    Since I kind of opened a can of worms, so to speak, I thought I should expound a little. Speaking only for myself, I thought your posts reflected a person who is quite sensitive, perceptive and introspective of their community as well as the relationship between the community and the dogs that live there. You seemed willing to nurture and guide people about how to do the right things. No offense meant or intended to the men on this forum but these are qualities I normally associate with women, so I naturally assumed …..which we all know what that does. I was not disappointed to find there is a man with all of these terrific qualities, only surprised. :p

    Take care and good luck with Ayo.

  • I have to admit something, and please do not take this the wrong way, but for some reason, all this time reading your various posts - I never pictured you as a man, and a handsome one at that! :eek:

    I concur - you and Ayo make quite a striking pair! And many congratulations to you both (and your niece of course) - well done all of you!

    Good luck at your next shows.

  • JAjajaja …..thanks everyone.... no I was just joking... no offense whatsoever, quite the contrary , I have great admiration for women in general, and i understood what you meant. I feel very flattered by all your comments.. thank you. Yes the show was lots of fun....and Valentina was incredible. Really it was like one of those movie moments where everyone starts cheering! It was really cool, because she really did amazing. She is a natural. so calm, she made Ayo pose still, which non of us had been able to do!!

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