• Here he is posing with all his ribbons from last weekends show!! Now we are trying to get back to our regular routine. He has actually been kind of frustated yesterday and today, like he's REALLY bored or something🆒, and he wont eat! He thinks hes gonna get yummy bait everyday now!!!

  • giggle
    Yep, he's a Basenji! Even our almost 12 year old, who hasn't been in a ring in years and has cataracts so he doesn't see too well, still stacks himself up neatly in show stack if I put my hand in my right pocket. Why is it that they promptly 'forget' so many things they're supposed to do, and yet manage to remember things like that?


  • He's a superstar Diva now 😃
    Congratulations Ayo

  • Houston

    Looking good/ I love all his ribbons and medals. Congratulations again.

    Terry that is too funny, is that Tex you are talking about?

  • Holy moly, Ayo. Congratulations on the huge haul!

  • Great pics! He looks super with all his ribbons!

  • Yes, Petra, it's the Tex-man!

  • Thanks everyone, he does look great doesn't he?… It was lots of fun!!!!!!. Now we have a new addition to the household. I picked up a puppy on Monday that came up to us during our walk. One of many that we come across almost everyday here. When you live in a place like Santo Domingo, which has hundreds of stray dogs roaming the streets you desensitize, you can't help them all! But this time I just couldn't help it!! She was so cute and helpless and the is a place here called doggie house where they take stray dogs and try to find them homes, like a rescue kennel place but I went and they are currently full. So...... She at home for now, ayo loves her and I will try to find her a loving home, but it is not easy,!!!!

  • I took her to te vet, and she got all hershots and she is perfectly healthy, I will post pictures soon!!! You should see the wayshe eats!! She swallows 2 cups of kibble in three seconds!!! , and here is Ayo, the spoiled brat, who just looks at the food, uninterested!!!

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