• Hi Everyone,
    I am new to the forum and I have a sweet seven year old Basenji girl, Lily, who has Fanconi. She is my third Basenji and the first with Fanconi. I would really like to talk to other owners of dogs with Fanconi to see how they manage the sodium bicarbonate dosing. Lily is on six tablets (10 grains per tablet) three times a day. Her blood gasses are still not what they should be, so I am interested in hearing from others about their experiences along these lines.

  • Have you joined the Fanconi group that is on Yahoo Groups? There are a number of people on that list with Fanconi dogs that share all kinds of information. It is a closed group for only people with Fanconi dogs. Also, has your Vet talked to Dr. Gonto about the protocol and the fact that her blood gases have not stablized? And lastly, would you share the breeding on your Fanconi Girl?

    Thankfully we now have a direct Fanconi Test that replaces to prior Linkage test. While the Linkage test was a great start to rid our Basenjis of Fanconi, now with the direct test it "will" be done! Of course breeders must test in order for this to happen.

  • There is a Fanconi forum on Yahoo Groups. You should join it. It is called FanconiDogs. I am a member as I presently have a girl, Missy, who has Fanconi and have taken care of two others with it. Missy will be 13 in December.

    Are you sure the dosage should be three times a day? The dosage is usually twice a day. I assume you are using the dosage calculation table by Dr. Gonto which is on the Fanconi Disease Management Protocol for Veterinarians. http://www.basenjicompanions.org/health/images/Protocol2003.html

    What were her first venous blood gas test readings? The repeat testing needs to be done about 6 hours after taking the sodium bicarb tablets.

    When was Lily first diagnosed with Fanconi?

    If you want to e-mail me at dcmclcm4@yahoo.com, I can help you with this.


  • Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you for replying.

    I am using the Gonto protocol and I get his input after each of Lily's blood gases. As background, I observed on the day that Lily came into our lives that she was drinking and urinating far more than normal. I took her to my veterinarian and had blood chemistries done. A few days later had lined up a source for blood gases and had those done. That was two and a half years ago. Her blood gasses have never stabilized (they are done seven hours after her morning “bicarb”) and we have increased her dose of “bicarb” accordingly. That said, she is a healthy and active sweetheart. We walk a mile each day. She chases squirrels and bunny rabbits in the back yard and races around the house while we playfully try to catch her. She is one of two dogs being followed by Dr. Gonto that appear to be doing well, but who are receiving high doses of “bicarb” due to unstabilized blood gasses. We started the three times a day dosing last September to support her better.

    We are now looking to see what others are doing and what success they are having. Is it an absorption issue? Does she need higher doses? I saw where one Basenji was getting something like ten tablets of “bicarb” in the morning, five or six tablets in the middle of the day and four at the end of the day.

    Thank you for your input and I will check out the Fanconi Forum on Yahoo.


  • We have a friend whose Fanconi girl never really stabilized, even working with Dr. Gonto and her vets. She did change locations for the blood gasses and the second place's results were more what she would have expected. She thought the first vet's machine may not have been calibrated correctly; something to consider if her symptoms don't match her chemistry.

    She also found better absorption when she stopped using Pill Pockets. It didn't make sense, she spoke with the manufacturer and Dr. Gonto, but for whatever reason, her dog did better with other 'pill hiders' than the pill pockets.

    I wish you good luck and many good years with your sweet girl! Our friend found wonderful info and support at the Yahoo group.

  • First Basenji's

    Hello PMP!
    I don't usually have much to add to what the Basenji-smart people of this forum post….....but, please feel free to contact me whenever you want to "compare notes". I have a nearly 11 year old Basenji girl named Haley with Fanconi. I also have a nearly 7 year old Basenji boy named Prince rescued through BRAT.

    I think Anne in Tampa ("MacPack") may be on to something......Is it possible to check Lily's blood gasses once at another facility before you change anything else?

    Good luck and keep us posted!

  • Hi Sadie,

    Lily had the first four tests done at one clinic and the next five done at another. The results have been all over the board at both places. Dr. Gonto thought about possible lab error early on.

    Thank you all for your thoughts and ideas. Keep them coming please.


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