• Can I use a topical moisturizer (for example, argan oil) on Kipawa? Or maybe another moisturizer? Any suggestions for one?

    The air has been drier and hotter in our home, due to winter. 🙂 His skin is a little dry and itchy. Kipawa hasn't had a bath since the summer, so I know it is not irritation from a dog shampoo. I had been using salmon oil capsules (dripped on his food) but we could not get away from the loose poops when we were using it.

    The vet says there are no fleas present. No signs of a bacteria or yeast, etc. No switches in dog food or treats.

  • Give Kipawa fish oil daily. I give Buddy organic chicken thighs as well as part of his meals and his coat is great. The thighs are the fattier part. I rotate and give Buddy different foods. No dry food though, only wet.

  • I use vitamin E oil as a topical when the kidz skin is truly itchy. It is super in the cold conditions. In fact, when using it on the kidz, my hands were immediately improved - so it was a win win.

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