Almost Basenji Pics

oops! sorry showed Macy twice this is the one that she's at 4 months

Awww so cute!

Thank you! I think so!

one more try at the 4 month pic (sigh)

She looks SOOO cuddly!!! 🙂

awee! what a cutie!!!

She looks lovely and such energy!

Thank you! She is cute and very high energy! I always say that it is a good thing she is cute saved her countless times over the chewed items. Especially the server, thankfully I was able to repair that, but what a little terror she has been!

What a cute darling dog!

She's MORE than cute! You must be very proud of her. 🙂

Thank you I am. She is probably the most loving dog I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

O! she is so cute!!!

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