• So - after busting my basenji out in the yard half hanging over her clam shell thing, i couldnt help but laugh at all the silly photos ive caught of her in weird positions. So i thought id share them with you's 🙂

    First pics are of her clam shell thing. i know how she cracks the side now lol she also gave me that doh im busted look when i snuck up and took a pic. She was just chomping on a bone. She must have been too lazy to put the other half of herself in. The other pics ive just caught randomly and the one in the bedroom - god knows what shes thinking there?

    This coming sunday we are doing a 4.5km walkathon for Cystic Fibrosis - i made her a cute bandana as we all have to wear red. Will upload photos of it later - hoping to raise awareness and money in style 🙂

  • Those last 2 look like she woke up with an awful "crick" in her neck

    My I submit this for evidence that it must be a Baseji thing?:


  • Yup, my boy sleeps like that all of the time. Usually when he is hot….all four in the air....Becca being the miss priss that she is would never allow herself to be caught doing something like that.

  • So cute! Picture number 4 looks like the PERFECT place for a basenji to fall asleep. Pics 7 and 8 look like he's got a broken neck! We get a number of similar poses from Kipawa. I am always amazed that they are actually comfortable. Otherwise, our basenjis wouldn't get in those positions, right? 🙂

  • First Basenji's

    Cute. That's a pretty extreme neck-bend there. The beanbag mountain looks super comfy too, nothing weird there. 😉

  • Basenjis are second only to cats for strange and 'unnatural' sleep positions!

  • Cute pictures of weird Basenji positions. Good luck on your Walkathon.

  • haha yeah she makes me laugh 🙂 she also does the paws in the air, sleep thing. except her front paws bend and i call it "the dead cokeroach pose" cos thats what she remind me off haha.

    re the bean bag one: im amazed she got up there without toppling them over - she actually has her front paws down the crack of the two with her head on the other one. she slept like that for a while. it was funny.

    would be awesome to see other weird possies if theres any piccies.

  • I wish I had pictures of some of Watson's sleeping positions. I call him yoga dog 😉

    Love the pictures 😃

  • Here is a good one of Tucker…...you can't really see it but he had a slobber patch under his nose.

  • And here is another one. In this one he is laying on a side hill.

  • @krunzer:

    Here is a good one of Tucker…...you can't really see it but he had a slobber patch under his nose.

    rolls around laughing that is hilarious!! omg!

  • OMG the bendy neck against the wall ! LOL perfect pics. They are strange creatures.

  • ROFLMAO at Tucker. LOL. Just tooooo tired to go another step, will just rest here.

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