• Taz had been sleeping quite comfortably on the chair after a hard workout chasing tennis balls. Not wanting to kick him completely out of the chair, I slid onto the chair sideways with my legs hanging over the arm of the chair. Over some period of time Taz settled into several different comfortable positions. This is one of those positions.
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  • Does anyone else's dogs sleep in strange positions like this? He is so flexible.

  • Proof that basenjis can find comfort in ANY position. I think it is a 'basenji thing' to contort. 🙂

  • Tucker sleeps in some weird positions. Like the one pic I have of him (it's in my photo album or I posted it on here before too), he is sleeping on the deck and his head is resting on the step below it. We were coming home from a dog show in town and he was in the front seat sleeping while sitting up with his head completely contorted over like in your picture. I can't believe he didn't just lay down. I even had the heated seat on for him…..spoiled I tells yah.

  • Yes I have other pics of him in some other strange positions as well. I have only had him about 1 month and just about everyday he amazes me at the funny things he does. I am really proud of him though he is coming along really well with his training. He now sits automatically, without me even telling him to, before we go out the door. He is the only one who does. Even my golden waits until I tell him to sit and he has been doing it for years.

  • Yes they are very intelligent. Just today my hubby made me breakfast….(I am at home because of knee surgery right now) and Tucker was being very quiet. Well Hubby had left the bacon too close to the end of the counter and he pulled on the paper towel under the bacon and dropped it on the floor. He was chowing down on bacon that is why he was being so quiet. 1 for the basenji 0 for the husband.

  • Yes I use baby gates to keep him from going upstairs without me and from going into the kitchen. I have to watch him constantly to make sure he doesn't have something he shouldn't have chewing on it and make sure anything on the table is pushed back far enough so that he can't reach it. He definately keeps me on my toes. He even tried to eat my phone. I now have to pay $100 to replace my phone next month through my phone insurance. It was totally my fault. I know he chews on things so, though I was upset, I wasn't upset at him, I was upset at myself.

  • HAHAHA!! Tucker ate my work phone also. It's a good thing I could still get service with it. I used it until they replaced it. I almost had to buy them another one though!

  • What a cute picture! B's are so loving and have no problem sharing space with a loved one. Sometimes we look at Dolce and wonder how she wakes up without a kink in her neck. She also likes to be buried deep under covers, even when it's hot. Maybe it makes her feel closer to her homeland (near the equator). "-)

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