Sprayed by a skunk this morning

  • I walk Buddy in the very early AM before going to work and as we came around a corner there was one sitting by a fence near the sidewalk and Buddy charged it and… SPRAY! 😞 Poor Buddy trying to shake it off as we were walking back. Mostly got him on the head. I left the leash, harness and collar in the garage and it really reeks in there. Wow that smell is really strong and nauseating! My fault for walking him with a long Flexi leash instead of a regular leash. I bathed him but he'll need more of something when I get home. Buddy is so good he was really a good sport and calm when I bathed him. I feel bad!:(

  • Skunk odor removal:

    Once you stop gagging, getting your dog back to a normal smell becomes the main goal. Skunk spray on your dog may spread to your clothing, home or car, so minimize the physical contact using gloves or disposable towels and blankets. While a quick bath helps remove some of the skunk oils, the smell generally remains stronger than most owners want near. Neutralizing the remaining odors often requires you to use other ingredients that chemically help break the oils down.
    Step 1
    Apply a commercial skunk spray neutralizer, usually available from your veterinarian, a pest control company or pet supply store, advises Utah State University Cooperative Extension. Follow the directions on the product. Avoid getting the product into your dog’s eyes or nose. Use a wet cloth to dab the product on the muzzle, ears and face area. Wash the dog using mild soap, dog shampoo or mild dish washing detergent, rinse thoroughly and dry the dog.
    Step 2
    Wash your dog with dog shampoo, liquid dish washing detergent or mild laundry detergent. Work up lather and thoroughly rinse the dog. Pour tomato juice on the dog, rub the juice into the fur and allow it to soak for approximately 20 minutes, advises Purdue University. Wash the dog and rinse. Repeat the process until the skunk odor is gone.
    Step 3
    Mix one-fourth cup baking soda, 2 teaspoons mild liquid soap and 1 quart medical grade three percent strength hydrogen peroxide in a plastic container, advises chemist Paul Krebaum. Pour the solution on the dog, avoiding its eyes and nose. Rub the solution into the coat and allow the dog to soak for at least five minutes. Repeat the process if odors remain.

    • Flush your dog’s eyes with saline solution or other human eye drops to avoid irritation from the skunk spray, advises Purdue University.
    • Use only mild liquid soap in the hydrogen peroxide mixture as strong degreaser formulas interfere with the chemical action, according to Krebaum.
    • Due to rabies concerns, check your dog to ensure that the skunk delivered only a spray, not any wounds. Report any observations of the skunk behaving in an aggressive or unusual manner.
    • Never store the hydrogen peroxide mix in a sealed container to avoid the chemicals from building pressure and exploding, warns Krebaum.
    • Make sure you use baking soda, not washing soda as it can burn the skin, warns Krebaum.
    • Tomato juice may cause temporary staining of light colored coats.

  • Having a "skunked" dog is no fun! I've been through it with my Border Collie, who was fortunately an outdoor dog so it wasn't quite as bad for us (nasty for him, however). Although the products seem to be getting better, nothing takes it completely away but time. I find you will perceive a skunky odour for quite awhile if the dog gets wet. Perry had a brush with a skunk last spring, and I used "Nature's Miracle" skunk odor remover.


    It helped a lot, although he didn't get that badly hit. He was loose at the time and we rounded the corner of the barn. He and I spotted "Mrs. Stinky" at the same time. Of course, he went for her (probably thinking "cat"), and my reflexes weren't quite quick enough to totally prevent the encounter. I called him and hit him with an e-collar correction just before he got to his target. He swerved off as the skunk let go, and caught some of the spray on his head and left side. His left eye was watering quite a bit. I took him back to the house and used the product on him, and soon was able to take him inside. By evening…...and after a couple more applications.....he was acceptable enough to sleep with my husband. (who can pretty much sleep through anything). I chickened out and slept in the other bedroom. The odor lingered for a day or two if you sniffed his head, but then disappeared. And I kept my hand on the button of my remote for quite a while after that, whenever we went out!

  • I put the regular Nature's Miracle by paper towel on him but probably didn't saturate him enough. I know it has to naturally dry to let the enzymes work. I'll go get the Skunk remover formula after work and really saturate him with it.

  • Many years ago our Dal was skunked… and a direct hit to the face and head. So our White Dal with Black spots was then yellow with Black Spots. I remember years later I found her collar that I had put out in the shed, you could still smell skunk!

    My condolences to both you Dan and Buddy!

  • Forget the tomato juice, it just turns the white pink and it still smells.
    The dish soap/peroxide/baking soda works the best but it will still be a day or two until the smell is gone -more if the spray was heavy.
    Our kids used to get fairly regularly skunked because the skunks would come up to the fence at night and the Bs couldn't resist poking their paws through at the skunks!! Fortunately, we actually seem to have fewer skunks here in TX than we did in CA - or at least there's more 'wild' area so they don't come to the yard as much.


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