• Meet my new puppy Morgan! He's my first brindle and I'm so in love with him. Elliot is excited to have a brother and the two play all the time. Couple of disagreements (from both sides) but for the most part they are doing well.

    At 12 weeks he's all ears! LOL



  • Too cute, congrats‚Ķ..

  • He is absolutely adorable!

  • Oh my goodness, cute overload! ūüôā

  • what a cutie!

  • Your babies are so‚Äď-- cute!

  • First Basenji's

    yes, a cutie, love those eyes! the pics do show quite a bonding relationship!

  • He is adorable, Elliot has waited a long time to get a playmate.

  • I think Daddy Tad was waiting for the right one to come his way ;). I had my choice of 3 brindle boys and there was just something special about Morgan. He complements Elliot well and they play for hours. If all goes well though the growing process he will be my new show dog! I'm waiting (impatiently) for handling classes to start up again but plan on taking things slower than I did with Elliot. Still working on his Grand so I'll be showing him a while longer.

    He's from Jan and Tad's Meisterhaus Victory van Gogh ("Vinnie") x Ch. Jadaka Meisterhaus A Kind of Magic ("Magi") litter. We haven't 100% settled on his registered name yet. Since a lot of us are related though our dogs.. He is the great nephew of Lisa's "Xander" and the nephew of OwnedbySpencer's girl "Ava". I'm sure a lot of others as well!

  • OMG‚Äď he looks just like Ava! When I first saw that face, I thought for sure it had to be one of Dara's boys... then I scrolled down and saw that he is one of Vinnie's. Big congrats! He is adorable! So cool that you wanted Vinnie and now have his son. And how exciting for Elliot to have a baby brother.

    Morgan's face is just like Ava's, except she has freckles on her blaze. And her brindle is just a little lighter. But the family resemblance is very strong. Ava looks so much like Cinder and Dara (and Xander, too), so little Morgan is definitely a chip off the old block.

    How's his personality? Is he a feisty free spirit like Vinnie and Ava... or a little calmer? ūüôā

  • The free spirit part comes from Vinnie and Ava's father Simon lol. Dara is much more laid back! He is a sweet baby and loves to play roughly with Elliot but also calms down and snuggles pretty quickly. We'll see how he does as he grows but if he is even a fraction as good as Cinder and Dara I'll be very very happy. ūüôā

  • LOL, yes, hope baby Morgan has grandma Dara's lovely temperament to go with that beautiful brindle coat. Ava looks like her mom, but she's definitely her father's daughter! Enjoy Morgan‚Äď he sounds like such a sweetheart.

  • Wow‚Ķ Very cool looking basenjis. How is life with 2 of them intresting I'm sure lol

  • A great team!

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