Getting a new pal for my B's!!

We have been looking for a nice small outside dog for our acreage and we have finally settled for a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever (over the Finnish Lapphund). I can't wait to get him. He is a 3.5 year old and apparently has a wonderful doggy temperment (which will be wonderful if he can get along with my female B). He is coming from a breeder in B.C. named Tollchester Kennels. I have met a couple of her dogs before and really like them, as I was looking at breeders closer to me I still feel this is a better fit for us. My husband may do the 12 hour drive to pick him up on Saturday. I am really excited to see how he is going to play with my B's!

Congratulations on the new addition 🙂

Tollers are wonderful little dogs!

I know it's not another Basenji, but I did sign up for BRAT and I hope I can help out that way. But we are looking for an outside dog for our acreage.

Congrats! I think the Tollers are really nice looking dogs.

There's one that comes to our dog park named Rocket and he's very fast and focused on retrieving. I have yet to see him play with the other dogs. He's never mean or anything just not interested in play.

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