Ayo got in a fight with a Bassett hound!!

  • So yesterday was a perfect day at the park… Almost.. Right at the end when I was about to leave very proud because there had been no problems at the dog park and Ayo had a blast... In comes this Bassett hound, and it turns out I knew the owner from a site visit we made for a potential client who was going to buy a house.. Anyway..... We are talking and he starts telling me that he was away for a year and had left his dog with someone, but that he got him back but was worried because he was very anxious all the time etc etc.. And , the minute he is telling me that I think " that doesn't sound good" and when I looked over they were growling at each other and by the time I got there is had escalated.... We separated them and the result is Ayo now has a few scratches on hi neck and one on his face.. They are very superficial but still, I hope they don't leave a scar on his face....!!!! I was very angry at my self because... I felt it, and I didn't listen to my gut instinct when he first came in..... Anyway!!!! Got home and cleaned him up and put some antibiotic ....

  • You never know when something will set them off. Some weeks my Shaye is growly and snarky with some other basenjis, and other weeks like this one, she not only doesn't start anything, she doesn't get involved when others do get in a tussle. I have tried to be very alert to the darker "stripe" on her back which shows up when she's starting to get that mood on her! I don't think the scratches will leave scars on Ayo - usually the injury has to be deeper, and have taken hair out for scars to appear. All the scars Shaye has are stripes caused by trying to tell the cat what to do.

  • Thanks… The one on his face took a little hair out!! Hope it doesn't stay.....

  • I would think the hair will grow back - it soundsa sthough you separated them easily before major damage was done. These things do happen and it pays to keep an eye on your dog even when having a chat.

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