• I chatted with our breeder yesterday morning and we talked about Keoki's panic attacks in the crate all night long. He asked how Jazz was tolerating Keoki in the house, and I told him better than I'd expected so soon.

    He suggested putting him in her crate…. a thought which dh and I had discussed, but which scared me because Jazzy is a real b*itch, that crate is HERS, and I was afraid she'd hurt him. BUT, I tend to trust Bryan's judgment about his dogs, so. . . .

    Yesterday afternoon I put them both in the crate when they were napping; and they slept in peace for two hours.

    Last night at 11:30 I put the two of them in her crate together; she snarked a little because he was crawling around under her. Within one minute, they were laying down together and Keoki didn't budge until I got up at 6 this morning!!
    I was concerned because he'd peed in his crate every night since moving here, and he is a shredder.
    The crate was dry and all bedding intact.

    YAY!!!!! First night in a week and a half that we've all gotten a full night's sleep!

  • Oh my gosh that's really amazing!! How woulda thunk it 😃 😃

  • Cool, I had thought that you tried that… gggg.... great news.... If course that will have to change with age... I would think... I remember that I had Maggii and OJ in one crate when they were both 8 wks.... after about 3 wks, Maggii had enough of sharing with a silly boy.... but he made the transition to his own crate with no problem. And of course since they were both staying in tact.... separate would be required..ggg

  • That is great that it worked. Does the breeder know that Jazzy is in season? I know that Keoki is quite young but I would be worried about crating and intact male with a female in heat.

  • I think i might know why she didnt like the crate if that was the issue? my pilot got shipped from oklahoma to san fransisco since then… hes hated that crate for as long as i can remember

  • While that is not JazzysMom's case (flying), her breeder is close to her so hers did not fly…..

    It is Interesting that you bring that up, about Pilot being shipped from OK to Ca... I would never ship a puppy "as baggage" unless there was no other way possible.. (like going overseas where they can't be carried on).... and I have always refused to ship a puppy to an owner, they have to come to my home to get the pup... and then the pup flys back in a Sherpa in cabin... not as luggage...
    I can understand a young puppy becoming freaked about crates after being "ripped" from their littermates, stuffed in a kennel, thrown on the plane, and so on and so on....
    And yes, some do OK.... but for me... I will not do it...

  • yeah… i dont use that crate anymore he was always scared of it, so i trashed it

  • and about socialization he gets along with my rottweiler he protects him, plays with him so on

  • Jazzysmom - So glad you've had sleep and a temp solution. It's a good start for Keoke anyway. Hopefully he may adapt better to his own crate from here.

    In my situation with Daisy - she likes to go into Duke's crate to chew & such. Duke is a very good crate dog - well adjusted (lucky me), Daisy -so young . . . is the hyper - though she does settle down and no crate peeing (anymore). I was thinking of switching their crates. I wonder if it would make Duke nuts if I tried it - as long as Daisy is more calm when going into crate when we go bye-bye. I could experiment to see. Any thoughts out there? Has this been tried? Or should we keep the status quo and not mix it up from here. We've had her 2 months now.

  • Having your Basenjis get used to crates by riding does help…in the long run.. the start besides things like feeding them in the crate... to associate the crate with fun times.... and when you are at an event... the crate becomes as safe haven... and a place to crash... at our lure trial in March... Kobey was there.. I always have crates in my van... and with so much activity going on... Kobey was very happy to be in the crate and taking a nap....

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