• Today we went to the Dogs Trust open day in Merseyside with Malaika and Kwame.
    It was very well attended and hopefuly they have raised lots of money and rehomed some Dogs.
    We were realy pleased that Kwame was so sociable and he got plenty of practice being stroked and fussed by children which he needs.
    Malaika won a rosette in the prettiest bitch class and has promised to share her bag of goodies with Kwame.
    We were asked about the dogs almost constantly and Malaika did a few tricks for them. She also had a go at the fun agility, it was quite funny to see that she was so intent on following the piece of cheese up the ramp that she didn't appear to notice how high she was untill she got into the middle. She suddenly noticed and looked around as if to say OMG. She did well but wouldn't do the jumps, she couldn't see the point when you could just squeeze underneath.

    Malaika doing her stuff

    Watching !

    Malaika contemplating

    Kwame enjoying the shade

    Kwame meets a friend

    His friend can stand on two legs

    Malaikas Dog tired

  • Looks like a fun day for all.

  • Both of your babies are so pretty and handsome. Looks like they are just real loves. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

    Rita Jean

  • They look as though they had a wonderful day - Congratulations on Malaika's rosette.

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