A Mowgli story: Basenji Trickery!

  • My first and most clever basenji was a very talented thief. He had actually perfected a bait and switch. He loved cappucino. My father would always come home with one after work, and Mowgli would immediately set his eyes on the prize. Once he ran to the back door, and began scratching frantically like "I've got to poop right now! 911! 911!" My dad ran to the back door to let him out, and Mowgli ran the opposite direction around the house. While Dad was wondering, "What happened to Mowgli? Where'd he go?" Mowgli had already stolen the cappucino off of the end table, and ran into another room carrying it (without spilling its precious contents mind you). He had it behind a couch ferociously lapping up the contents. By the time Dad realized what had happened it was way too late. Now he had to find where the little shite was hiding before he could get his cappucino back, or let alone administer the appropriate admonishment. He would bait my Father away from his cappucino using various methods over the next year or two(interspersed of course, he wouldn't want to look too obvious). It took a few times for Dad to finally overcome Mowgli's supreme trickery!

    He would also stalk up on people reading the newpaper in the living room. It really offended him when people would park their face behind that much paper, completely ignoring him. So, he'd sneak up ever so quietly right in front of them, and right when they were lost in the troubles of the war, or political battles he would remind them what was important in life. HE WAS!!! He'd snatch it out of their hands, and take off running with it, as it was torn to shreds under his fast basenji feet.

    I've had Dogs since Mowgli, but he was truly my "once in a lifetime" dog. He was a bad, self-serving, poor behaving little turd. So was I, and he was my best friend, and closest ally.


  • That is the coolest story about Mowgli. I love the independent thought processes of these dogs. Some people might call it bad but it just shows spirit. These dogs choose to love us too. How cool is that?:)

  • This is the funniest story of a B that I've every heard…what an incredibly smart pooch 😃 😃 😃

    Did you ever catch him on camera with a cappuccino?? This would be an awesome Dunkin Donuts ad...."America AND America's DOGS run on Dunkin" LOL ROFL LOL

  • What a wonderful, funny story Vegas! Thank-you for sharing! Mowgli sounds like he was quite a card and had you all wrapped around his paw!

    I've had Dogs since Mowgli, but he was truly my "once in a lifetime" dog. He was a bad, self-serving, poor behaving little turd.

    That describes my relationship w/ Stormie to a T! His antics always have me laughing!

  • Isn't it amazing that B's are capable of such treachery? Abbey pulled a good stunt once. I was sitting in my recliner eating 4 Ritz crackers out of a napkin. She was "asleep" on the sofa or so I thought. When I got finished eating the crackers I folded the napkin into a tiny little square, flattened it out, and put it under a stack of books and magazines on the coffee table. After a couple of minutes Miss Abbey wakes up and stretches really big like that was the best nap ever. She climbed down off the sofa and went around on the other side of the coffee table and stretched again. All of a sudden she reared back on her hind legs, knocked all the books off the coffee table, grabbed that napkin and ran! A napkin thief and an actress too!!!

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