Basenji's visited by woodchuck

  • I get home from a graduation party and this is what my husband has to tell me. Woodchuck just tried to take the wood for my smoker! He came in under the fence and was making his way to the wood pile. But… he did not see the Basenjis sunning themselves on the picnic table:eek:. First time I ever had to save a woodchuck from a dog fight. It is not easy to grab a woodchuck by the tail and toss it over the fence with 3 dogs trying to rip it apart.I think he will leave my wood alone for now on. lol:D

  • They didn't get hurt, can't find any bites on them. But I guess they where tag teaming it.

  • Lucky for the woodchuck you came home and rescued him! Good that none of the dogs was injured.

  • woodchuck, quit chucking my wood….. lol

  • I know some people here already know this story…but we have a 'special' relationship with woodchucks at our house. The exact day that my bedrest restrictions were lifted with my twin pregnancy, I heard Hippo and Bella fighting outside. I went out to find they each had one end of a young woodchuck. In my rush to get outside, I failed to close the door to the living room (this will be important to the story in a minute). As I grabbed each of their collars and pulled them off the terrified rodent, I fell over on my stomach! They dropped the woodchuck, and it ran into the family there I am stuck on my giant stomach, with a frantic dog in each hand..I can't get up, without letting them they follow mr woodchuck into the house! I leverage my preggo body up...go into the family room, and free the woodchuck from them AGAIN. I finally get the dogs into their crates...have a moment to hope that the babies are okay...freak out a the doctor, who says 'come in now' and call Tim and say 'come home now'. A the while the woodchuck is hiding behind some toys and screaming at me...dude..have some appreciation that I saved your life..twice... So Tim gets home, and I am like 'let's go' But he says 'we can't leave the woodchuck in the family room, it could do a lot of damage' So I envision it is going to take him quite a while to catch this thing..but in a matter of minutes, using a channel made of cardboard boxes, a dog crate, a broom and a snow shovel, he got it crated and out the door! And the little guy lived to tell. The babies were born that night, but did fine. We were lucky that the dogs had minimal scratches from the woodchuck, it could have done a lot more damage. We still have fairly predictable woodchuck visits around this time of year, you would think they would learn....the nurses in the NICU named the twins Woody and Chucky after hearing their birth story 😉

  • LMAO…that is too funny!! As long as your twins were ok. Right now we just got our yard fenced and we have a bird feeder out our picture window. Well all winter Tucker would sit on the back of the couch watching the squirrel who would visit the bird feeder. He could never get out there because we had it fenced off for them. Well now we have a good acre fenced for them and they get to go visit the squirrel. Sunday I am watching tv and the dogs were outside, I look and yup the squirrel is on the bird feeder. Next thing I see is a black and white streak go flying past the window, the squirrel jumping, then running towards the tree!! Tucker hit the squirrel full force and bowled him over! Becca was right behind. The squirrel being all nimbly-bimbly got up and darted toward the tree. I could not stop laughing.

  • What a day to remember!!!

  • What great stories. Glad no one got hurt.

    @ jonnyB - That comment cracked me up. My husband is always making that comment and I don't know why I find it so funny.

  • Kit Kat….that was one lucky woodchuck!

    Andrea....WOODY AND CHUCKY...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I about spit out my coffee reading that! What a funny story, except the part about worrying about the babies. Glad it all turned out well.

  • @jonny:

    woodchuck, quit chucking my wood….. lol

    LOL! I love that commercial!

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