New on forum but not new to B's

Hi everyone I'm Travis, I live in Alberta. I am looking at getting a tri colored male for our new acerage. I had a B when I was younger and would like a new personnality for the place.

Hi and welcome! I love tri's!! Are you looking for a rescue or going through a breeder?

have found a breeder only 1.5 hrs form my place and should have a litter in Jan.

Welcome to you and your prospective Basenji.

Before you get a puppy… go to the Basenji Club of Canada and Basenji Club of America websites and read up on Fanconi and other heritable diseases.

ANY breeder not testing for these disease is NOT someone you should spend your time or money on one of their puppies.

Too bad you didn't look 4-5 months ago... there was a lovely litter of Khani's pups up in Drumheller!

Best of luck to you!

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