• Yesterday my lovely neighbor drove me 100 miles down to Phoenix to adopt a Basenji at the Phoenix Humane Society. She was suppose to be cured of kennel cough but she isn't over it. We had a very sleepless night. I know it is an allergic reaction so since no vet could see her until Monday, I am giving her Benadryl by the 5 mg morning and evening today. I hope I am not harming her, but she seems to be doing well and is now frisky, but can rest now and then, also. She came with a damaged back missing a lot of fur along the spine from neck to tail due to sunburn, I was told. I'm putting burn ointment on the bald spots and she seems much better and not trying to scratch, so that's coming along. She is not potty trained, so I appreciate all the advise. I did let her out after feeding, before bed, and let her out first thing this morning, but she didn't use the outdoor facilities; just dumped a load and peed before I could get to her to get her outside. The every 20 minutes and praising her when she does go outside should work; she is smart. Has anyone else dealt with severe sunburn on their Basenjis? Also she howls and whines a lot, but I think with purpose: She obviously has had a litter of pups, maybe two litters, even though she is only a year old. I remember that my mother always kept a pup out of every litter for the mother. She had seen sorrow in dogs whose entire litter were given away or sold. We had a lot of dogs! Any experience and advise you can share will be gratefully received. Our first Basenji trained herself, was fastitous, and was like a hound from hell, but faithful and the best watchdog in the world regardless of the size.
    I am kansasgirl in Cottonwood, AZ

  • Wow what a great thing to adopt her! Now she can have the quality of life she ought to. What is her name/have you named her yet? Although I am sure that the breeders that are members of this forum know better then I, I am pretty sure Basenjis only go into heat once a year…and usually in the fall. Do you have a crate? I did not crate my other two dogs (non-Basenji) but I would go insane if I hadn't crate trained Kiora, lol. And the crate is a great housetraining aid, I also keep Kiora leashed to me or confined in the same room I am in around the house, that way she is costantely supervised! It sounds like you are doing a great job with her!

  • Hi kansasgirl from Arizona - Your new baby needs sooo much love. . . Bless your heart for taking this little one. Is there no way to take her to an emergency vet? I got Duke on a Saturday night, took him to an Emergency Hospital vet on Sunday. He was in bad shape at 10 or 12 weeks old. (he was abandoned and also had the K-cough, mange mites, worms, fever - a mess). If you think you can wait until Monday . . . That cough and hair loss sounds nasty. First thing first with potty training. She's very afraid right now, let her first couple weeks be quiet ones with you, (no company) to allow her to acclimate and feel at home with you. Take her outside on a leash every 20 minutes and walk - walk thru all of your yard all the while saying "go potty" - until she does then praise . . she can associate the word potty and doing it with praise outside. Samething with "go poop". when she does, praise. It may take 10-20 minutes or more for her to be comfortable to eliminate outside as she's so afraid. For now, best wishes to you and your new little one. Keep us informed and check back in to this forum for helpful tips.

  • Hi Kansasgirl. What a horrible life this little one has had! She's so lucky to have you to love her and take care of her. Like Jill says, she's scared right now, but she probably already realizes she's in a safe place. I think the Benadryl's a good idea because it will keep her more comfortable till you can see the vet. Do get her a crate. My Abbey balked at the idea at first but now she loves going in there on her own for a little quiet time. Lenora

  • I also came from the shelter, but I was in good shape upon arrival. My Doctor said to give me Benadryl for allergy…5 mg twice a day...so that ought to be fine. Thanks for helping and welcome! Noobie

  • You have done a great thing for that dog. Bless people like you who will adopted and rescue these wonderful dogs (and I mean any breed). My basenji mix came from a shelter also. She has been a handful, but a very much loved hanful. I wish you well in caring for your new furbaby. Oh, and I have friends who give a benadryl to their standard poodle everyday. Sounds like you have started down the right path for this dog and it's future sounds brighter.

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