I need volunteers to take a survey

Hello Everyone!
I am doing a paper for my Language Concepts class regarding how a person's age and the area that they grew up in relates to the words that they use to describe certain things. I will ask eleven short and simple questions and record your answers along with your age, sex, and hometown- no names will be recorded. I appreciate any volunteers, and promise that it won't take much of your time!
**I ask that you send your answers to my in-box and do not post them as a response to this thread as to avoid influencing anyone else's answers.
Here are the questions:
1. What do you call the room/level of a house that is below ground level.
2. What do you call a sandwich that is on a long, large bread?
3. What do you call a small stream of water that is not big enough to be a river?
4. What do you call a round piece of dough, fried in fat, with a hole cut into the center?
5. What do you call a piece of cloth that a woman wraps/ties around her head or hair?
6. What is the common type of worm used as fishing bait?
7. What is a mobile vehicle (NOT MOTOR VEHICLE) that a baby stays in while the parents push them around?
8. What do you call a mark on the skin where somebody has sucked and brought the blood to the surface?
9. What do you call the bone from the breast of a chicken that is shaped like a horseshoe?
10. What do you call the place/spot in your elbow that causes a strange feeling when you hit it on something?
11. What do you call very young frogs that have tails but no legs yet?



I will only be able to use answers submitted before this time tomorrow!

I don't see a email button to send to your inbox

Wow. Yeah, that would be smart, right? megan8434@gmail.com
I was kind of worried that random people would start flooding my inbox now tha I posted my email, but I rarely use this one so. Thanks for pointing that out to me!:o

Just sent mine, Interesting project.

Thanks to all who have sent in answers so far! Yes, I find it very interesting also. I am finding that the sandwich question is easily the best clue if trying to guess where a person is from. Keep those answers coming! 🙂

I posted mine to your profile before you posted your email. You can just record the results and then delete.

That's fine, thanks for the help! 🙂

LOVE this project. these things are so much fun!

Thanks, it is pretty fun. I wish I would have included a few more/different questions, but it is too late for that. I am actually really surprised about how many people replying were "army brats" or say they didn't have an official hometown because they moved so much…

First Basenji's


I am actually really surprised about how many people replying were "army brats" or say they didn't have an official hometown because they moved so much…

I think moving about, not having a stable hometown, growing up in a different city from where you were born or where your parents grew up is par for the course in the world today… I stopped knowing how to answer the "where are you from?" question several cities ago. 🙂

Yes, I believe you are right. We spoke about that a few class meetings ago. Mostly saying that that sort of thing is normal in many places; however, I am from one of those areas/small towns where people are born, raised, and die here. Haha. Not to say that everyone does, but you get what I'm saying I'd guess…

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