• I love this old movie! TCM is running it at 11am today (Friday 4.29,2011). I just set my DVR. Wheee!

    By the way, Nayru told me she feels that she is far prettier than Jennifer Lopez. Therefore, she's changing her name to Nay-Lo.

    I didn't know where to post this so I I'm putting where I think most folks look the most. 🙂

  • WOHOO, thanks! I set the dvr to record it. I swear I thought I bought it on DVD but can't find it. So I'll copy it tomorrow just in case!

  • All set to record! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Am watching it now! Darn, missed the first part. Hopefully they will replay it at some time.

  • I'll keep an eye out. I'm watching it now and CRYING even though I know how it ends. LOL I'm such a wuss.

    Naylo (Nayru prefers to be called Naylo now since she's prettier than J-Lo) is really reacting to the Basenji noises.

  • Who knew Basenjis can sound like Dolphins or Chimps?

    Some great training tips in it as well (rat).

  • Oh it's definitely a product of its time. Pickaninny donuts always makes me cringe in horror. But I love the dog. And I love that Brandon de Wilde kept the dog he worked with in that movie.

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