VCR ALERT: Good bye, My Lady

I love this old movie! TCM is running it at 11am today (Friday 4.29,2011). I just set my DVR. Wheee!

By the way, Nayru told me she feels that she is far prettier than Jennifer Lopez. Therefore, she's changing her name to Nay-Lo.

I didn't know where to post this so I I'm putting where I think most folks look the most. 🙂

WOHOO, thanks! I set the dvr to record it. I swear I thought I bought it on DVD but can't find it. So I'll copy it tomorrow just in case!

All set to record! Thanks for the heads up!

Am watching it now! Darn, missed the first part. Hopefully they will replay it at some time.

I'll keep an eye out. I'm watching it now and CRYING even though I know how it ends. LOL I'm such a wuss.

Naylo (Nayru prefers to be called Naylo now since she's prettier than J-Lo) is really reacting to the Basenji noises.

Who knew Basenjis can sound like Dolphins or Chimps?

Some great training tips in it as well (rat).

Oh it's definitely a product of its time. Pickaninny donuts always makes me cringe in horror. But I love the dog. And I love that Brandon de Wilde kept the dog he worked with in that movie.

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