• Last night was the first class for Tempest. She attended Star puppy class, while Gambit started APDT Rally. The puppy class is very small, the other dogs are an english bulldog and a lab. Joe took Tempest to class and sat in a circle with the other owners and instructor as they all took turns passing thier pups around and giving treats and praise and learning what the class would entail. Tempest was a good girl giving little sits for her treats and kisses to all. Gambit looked over at Tempests' ring and then looked up at me as if to say, I'm working my curly tail off over here and shes getting treats and snuggles.

    Gambit did great in two runs thru the rally course. It was my first time doing a slow and fast walk station with her and she adjusted perfectly. The only fault the instructor could find was that I tended to have a tight lead. Now to work on that over the weekend. I may have my first dog to progress in rally beyond an RN as Gambit did not pay any attention to the two agility rings going on to either side of our ring. Trog and Xander always wanted to go visit the other rings when I tried them off lead.

  • What a delightful picture. It sounds as though the two of them did very well in their respective classes.

  • Houston

    So good to hear of their success..even if just on a class level.. I too love that picture..

  • What great looking basenjis! I love how solid they look! What are their weights?

  • They are just over 15 lbs each. They are really tiiny compared to the adults, but are growning up so well porportioned that they look older. I love their fronts, they take after uncle Xander, nice and solid. Got Tempests Fanconi test back last night, one week turn around and she is a probable clear. So nice. 3 of the 6 in the litter were clear and 3 carriers.

  • Wonderful photo. Glad to hear they did well in class!

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