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lost my info and my email is changed so I am starting over.
I am owned by 2 rescue Basenjis-Max and Shera. Max is originally from Sweden and Shera is from Texas. They are my 3rd and 4th B's.

What was your handle before? Welcom back.

I havent been on for some time so I think my user name was-grouchyeve
Not sure though:(


Welcome ..again..:).
I have one from Sweden as well…and I live in Texas..:)

he/she a Rescue or do you know the breeder?
I tacked the breeder down through the SKC and my boy's chip.
Maybe our 2 are related! lol:eek:

Welcome back! This is one wonderful place. 🙂

Welcome back to the forum.


2baroos, Sorry I just saw this posting..

Mine is purchased from Sweden, and I had him delivered to Texas by my brother in Jan-11.
Do you have your breeders/kennels name?
My Pippin is from Zahleka Kennels

he is from faraoland and his name is Faraoland Trademark To Terrarust


Very cool..I looked at Faraoland before I decided what breeder to go with. Have you emailed Helena Str?mbert or Cecilia Johanson, the two owners of the kennel to see where Max originally went to?
I am happy to know that he has a great home with you now, only he knows the full story, if you know what I mean…;)

Did some digging and found this;

the info from the SKC and spent months emailing back and forth with Gunnar before he passed away. He was so thrilled and shared stories and pictures of Max's Sire and Dame and some siblings. At least I have puppy pictures now!
I know some of the story BUT there is a huge hole in it 😕

Max is related to mine through his dam.

That is awesome-have any pictures?


I understand the hole in the story…looks like Terrarust the breeder in Canada got him from Sweden, but whatever happened after that..who knows..?
😉 but at least he is yours and yours only now..

happened and how I got him. He was going to be put to sleep because he bite someone and Terrarust said they had no room to take him untgil he was adopted. The young couple that had him was told by the insurance company that they had 48 hours to get rid of him.
Gunnar(the Swedish breeder) said he had asked several times where Max was and what happened to him but it was brushed aside.
As a Stud he was a dud and he got bit by one of Terrarust's Labs so he couldnt be shown.


Glad you have the story. so you understand where he has to speak. I feel bad about the breeder not being able to take him in, but I don't know their circumstances so I really have no leg to stand on as far as to how I feel about that..if you know what I mean..I guess in the long run everything worked out for the better for you and especially for Max. 🙂

he is safe and sound and a pretty normal Basenji-neurotic but loving and at times weird. Our Female is from a puppy mill in Texas and that is another story!

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