R/W F Raleigh NC Shelter

Ginger will be coming into BRAT. It's already worked out. Her coat color is gorgeous.

Debbi J.

Ginger is a pretty girl and her front legs are just like Jaycee's really long. I know BRAT will find her forever home. Best of luck little lady.

Rita Jean

Thanks Debbi, I was ready to drive to NC! Then read that she should be an only child. I know you will find her a perfect home.

First Basenji's

I know! I was about to look up where the shelter is located.

Just be a little patient, dear Ginger. You will have a forever home soon.

She's listed as a senior but her age is estimated to be about 7. Seven isn't old for a Basenji.

Sometimes, I hate to say it, I wish whatever those types of owners visit upon their dependant animals comes back 10 fold on them.

deschroedter, I do believe it does…they should be very afraid!

She is at the vet to be spayed and then will go to foster.

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