Buy Hope. By Bronwyne Mirkovich

If anyone knows how to reach Whoopi, it would be wonderful to show her what goes into making her adorable puppy in the pet store.

Yikes - I opened that link and then had to promptly close it. Once again, the wuss factor in me won out. Shame on Whoopi, you would think she would have been more intelligent than this.

I was always a Whoopi fan, from the beginning. Until she defended Vicks. Haven't watched her since.

Oh my God - that is horrid. Poor Hope, and all the breeding bitches left like her to die at the pound. I don't believe Whoopi Goldberg put much effort into research in arriving at her decisions regarding pet store dogs and/or the defense of Michael Vick. I sit here wanting to say more on the subject and just can't even think…..........

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