• There was nothing wrong with her old collar but I wanted her to have something with a bit more "HEY NOTICE ME" to it. I found this on Etsy.com and love it. The seller custom made it with a matching leash. Now I have to get Batman one. 🙂

    OH! Her day collar is off for these pictures since it clashed. (Yes, I'm weird).

    "Please, no pictures."

    "Did you say breakfast?"

    My friends have nicknamed her the "Haughty Hottie Princess".

    Relaxing on the couch

    Aren't I a pretty girl?

    One of the bratty little brother, Batman working his "please nap some more" magic.

  • She's beautiful! Collar totally fits her!!!!:)

  • Thanks, Vicki! She's napping now, but I'll pass along the compliment. Hee.

  • Kipawa thinks her collar rocks!

  • I'm telling myself that NOOOOO I can't get more of these before Batman gets his. LOL

  • It's lovely to see more pictures of Arwen and Batman. The collar is really beautiful - I'm not going to let my Bs see it, they'll all want one! One like that should go so well with Batman's colour too.

  • Sorry, Arwen, I meant 'Nayru'. I don't think the collar would fit you!

  • LOL! I think I'll measure myself for one. We can all step out in matching collars. 🙂 Batman wants one in blue, he says. BOYS! 🙂 I love her work and she is not that expensive. At least I don't think so.

  • Oh wow..! Looking good! Love the collar and the dogs!!

  • Houston

    Very nice collar..I love Etsy..shop way too much on there…hehe.

  • @Basenjimamma, look up TrendyHounds. LOL

  • Houston

    @Basenjimamma, look up TrendyHounds. LOL

    thanks for the info 🙂

  • Houston

    OOOH, I love her collars..I just had one made for Pippin from Nick Russell..found a ribbon with swedish Dala horses on it..thought it would be cool, since we are both from Sweden..but now I am thinking he needs one more collar…hehe.

  • Ace has that same one in blues & purples.
    I love it!


  • Trendyhounds just posted more colors. LOL I have my eye on an emerald green one for Batman.

  • That would look gorgeous 🙂 Nayru looks so pretty i bet her doughnut tail went nuts when she saw it 🙂

  • I can't wait to see Batman in his new collar.

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