• That is what I lovingly call my puppy Kipawa at 6 months. He can be so agile in the home and while running and changing directions outside. Then, (just now) when I am sitting on the couch catching up on the news here with my morning coffee, he leaps in my general direction, knocks my coffee and has it spill on me and the couch (thank goodness it is leather). And what do I do after that? I hug him and kiss him. Gotta love a basenji puppy! 😃

  • I bet he enjoyed licking the coffee up too 😃

  • @thunderbird8588:

    I bet he enjoyed licking the coffee up too 😃

    Well, actually not as much as I would have liked. I had to wipe the couch, brush a few drops off my lap top and change t-shirts. I think he was just out to create and enjoy the calamity! Now, had I have had my ****atoos here, they would have been lapping up every last drop. They are freaks for coffee. I go into our bird room and give them a few sips every morning. I have been doing this for 27 years! When I am pouring my coffee, I yell into the house COFFFFFEEEEEEE. They immediately start to shreik and go nuts. I bet they would love Juan Valdez. 😃

  • Oh - I hope it wasn't hot!

  • Houston

    We have the same thing happening here..it is a mess..

  • Hilarious…basenjis!

  • Hey Walter, don't know if you realize it but the clutzoid is the brother of your Scarlett. Hi there by the way and kiss the girl for us.
    Therese and Kevin

  • Kipawa. Thanks for the brain teaser. ****atoos took me a while. 🙂

  • got to love them~!

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