AKC CAR registration and microchips

  • For a discussion on another thread, I went to the AKC CAR (Companion Animal Recovery) site to see if the chip manufacturers were noted. To my surprise when I logged into my profile my dogs were no longer listed with my profile. I know they were there previously so I re-added their microchips and all of the record details reappeared. So the info was all there in the database but it wasn't associated with my profile anymore for some reason. Just thought I would mention this so people can go back and double-check their info. The site is below.


    Here is a microchip look-up site, I think there are few more (there was a Whole Dog Journal article on it a few years ago). I typed both of my dog's chip numbers in here and the information came up properly with the different registrations I had on the chips (AKC CAR, HomeAgain).


  • I love that they register all chips.

    Well that's lovely, I am not listed either. Will have to pull record out of folder and resubmit mine too! I am going to CALL them to see what the problem is!

  • Thank you for this information…I never knew there was a central registry for all chips. I'm going to go there and add the one for Gracie and will add the one for Blaze when we get him chipped.

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