Debra, I just *have* to ask

  • Your signature line says:

    Georgia (not by choice)

    I have always been curious about the not by choice. Care to share?

  • LOL I hate this place. We are stuck here because of my husband's business and now waiting for daughter to finish college. In 2 yrs, no idea where but we are moving SOMEWHERE.

    I am a tree hugging liberal surrounded by a majority of right wing conservatives.
    When we bought our house, the neighbor down the street came over to greet us and said (lol) "Ain't never met no Jews before." (first clue we had really messed up).
    I hate the humidity and heat.
    I hate fire ants.
    Does that give you a good idea?

  • LOL…Debra...might I suggest Vermont - great for tree hugging liberals!!! :D:D

    Vermont is like Maine used to be :(. I dream of retiring in Vermont...get myself 3 or 4 shipping containers, make them into a solar heated house (I have an architect friend who would LOVE to do the project) on 50+ acres and a solar heated structure (the size of a large barn) for the dogs to run in for the winter...I could go on and on...I might be a little extreme...

    Where are you from originally?

  • @DebraDownSouth:

    I hate the humidity and heat.
    I hate fire ants.

    Debra, I feel for you because we've been there, done that.

    We spent 5 years in Birmingham, Alabama (both of us are from the Western U.S. … me: Phoenix, Arizona; Earl: Seattle, Washington). We also didn't like the fact that there were so many bugs (including fleas!) that we had to have an exterminator come out once a month to spray in an around the house! Yuck!

  • That explains it really well, Debra. The comment of 'never met no Jews before' is totally unacceptable. I suppose this person also thinks the Halocaust is fictional?

    Well, from what I see on the Forum here, you have never been known to mince words. Hope you put that person in their place.

    I like heat, but would really not appreciate the ants. So, if I lived there, I think I would have pretty much the same signature line as you.

    Hang in there!

  • LOL, Fran, she actually was so utterly clueless and cheerful, I didn't comment on it. No offense was meant, so none taken. I just knew we had chosen wrong lol. When Leora graduated, almost 400 kids, only 2 Jews. LOL when she started 7th grade (I homeschooled her til then) it was such a big deal they PAGED the only other Jewish child and her to introduce them. The funny part was they already knew each other from Girl Scouts.

    I was born in TN, lived in Ashville NC until I was 6, back to TN… after that lived in the US Virgin Islands, SC, PA, NJ and Texas. I thought GA was going to be like TN... NOT.

    LOL On Alabama. I was there today (BRAT business). Leora said "Alabama, the state that makes GA look good."

  • @DebraDownSouth:

    Leora said "Alabama, the state that makes GA look good."

    LOL…I almost spit out my coffee when I read that. Too funny! :D:D:D

  • If you don't like Georgia's heat, humidity and bugs, I assume you won't be moving to Florida!

  • If you want tree-hugging liberal neighbors come to Minnesota! And compared to GA we only have mosquitoes, deer&horse flies for 3 months, june bugs for 1 month, crunch bugs for a few weeks and then snow snow snow. 🙂

  • LOL … on invites
    Would love Maine if I could afford it.
    Florida... Georgia + hurricanes
    Minnesota.. where people haven't figured out how to move SOUTH a state or 2 out of the arctic belt.

  • Seattle, come to Seattle!!!
    We don't have critters that bite and there is coffee on every block.
    All you need to worry about is growing moss on anything that doesn't move!!!

  • Californians for over 50 years, then relocated to Texas… Though I consider myself a moderate Liberal, Texas is actually rather a refreshing change from the rampant craziness of California. People here are fiercely independent, friendly, and probably more conservative than I prefer, but mostly not fanatics. I like hot weather, and the humidity is good for my skin... The fire ants and I have reached an agreement. I destroy nests that are too close to the dogs, they hang out by the woods and bother the deer and the armadillos. They bite me, and they die. (Hooray for After Bite!) And Texas is so big, you can find any terrain you like, except maybe snow enough for skiing - but, hey, that's why there's New Mexico. And surfing on the Gulf is not too good, except during hurricanes. In short, a California girl who's become a Texan, and likes it!


  • I actually am considering Washington. Just your parks make it worth it. 🙂

    Texas… went to grad school at in Denton. One of my dearest friends is in Dallas, sister lives in Houston. That would be a no, lol. Been there, done that.

  • Debra I grew up in Indiana and have lived in Tennessee and California. I live in Alabama entirely by choice. I'm sorry if you have experienced bad attitudes in Georgia, but it was not necessary to bring Alabama into the discussion at all.

  • Lenora, I respectfully suggest you lighten up. I am sure i like places you don't and that there are ones you love that I don't. It's called opinions. As long as no one is calling people stupid or other names for liking a place, then unless you secretly created the state and control it, a bit silly to take it personally, don't you think? Having spent enough time there, I get to have an opinion. You get to disagree or not, but you don't really get to tell me not to have one. It's like me saying I love red and white basenji coloring best. Preference. I also hate hate hate grits. If you love grits, you going to jump me for dissing them?

    This was a simple fun "state" poking. Please don't take things personally that are not attacking you or your beliefs. Really takes the fun out of things.

  • Wa is wonderful! I love to travel, but this is home to me.
    I when to high school in Charleston S.C. so know a bit about the south.

  • And I suggest Debra that you do the same. To reply to a simple sentence with such condescenscion and by inserting into that reply things that I clearly did not and would never say is overkill. It is never okay to get a laugh by insulting others. You didn't like being insulted by someone in Georgia but yet you insult others by calling that expressing an opinion.

  • Debra, you would love Washington state, and I absolutely love the Seattle area. It's very green and very vibrant. It's very similar to where I live. We don't get a lot of snow, but get the liquid form of it. You can ski, golf and go swimming (if you're brave) all in the same day!

  • I just have to say this, (putting on flack jacket and placing helmet on my head)-

    Freedom of Speech
    Opinions allowed

    It is what so many people in the world are willing to die for.

  • Here is a slightly different POV, Debra….that ignorant (and I use that in the non-insulting way) person, truly had never met a Jew before, and YOU and your family get to be her exposure to an entirely new experience. That is really powerful, and meaningful responsibility. Sometimes we don't like living where we are, or being in a group or setting that we are, because we don't "fit-in" but, maybe there is a bigger reason why we are where we are for the moment 🙂

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