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    ..I noticed that last few days that Pippin is loosing his spunk..I mean he is spunky don't get me wrong, but his tail is a little slacker and his ears are not as erect..and he is not eating very well either…so I looked in his mouth (training show teeth anyway right?!) and he is loosing his baby teeth and getting bog boy chompers..is this normal?..Not the loosing teeth part but being kind of out of sorts when they do?
    He was at the vet last week for last round of shots..I don't think anything is "wrong" with him..so I was wondering if teething effects them somewhat like it does human children..

  • i think it's pretty normal. hold off on tug games or any sort of retrieve training. i know with a lot of breeds the ears will go wonky at this time, but i haven't seen that with basenjis. his teeth hurt and sounds like he's just feeling a little off. he may, or may not, like some frozen treats to chew on.

  • How old is he?

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    Sharron he is 17wks old.

    Thanks for your response AgileB..

  • Yup… teething can do that... they can lose their tail curl, can hang between their legs...ggg... they can be really laid back... their ears can "tip" over.. it will pass in a few days... take each day as it comes...gggg

  • It is normal for a Basenji pup's tail to get loose during teething. It will tighten up again in a few weeks. Some pups get quiet while others get cranky. Soak an old washrag in water and freeze it. They like the texture and coolness on their gums. I also give cold carrots. They are hard enough to massage the gums and are, of course, completely edible.

  • At what age can you be sure your basenji has all of their adult teeth?

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    ok, great to hear..I thought I had heard that before on here, but didn't find any info on it..he lost two more today..all his front ones are in or pushing through right now..when does it end like Fran asked?
    He is OK otherwise, cuddley, B-500 running, playful..but has had a straighter than normal tail, not wanted to eat very well, tonight I soaked his food in some warm water..worked wonders, he ate all his food..first thing in two or so days..

  • @Basenjimamma:

    when does it end like Fran asked?

    I had some extra time and searched the forum. I found information that said that by 6 months, most basenjis have all their adult teeth.

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    Thanks Fran..

  • My B too lost some spunk during teething…less appetite, loose stools as well. About two weeks ago she got her last two big girl teeth in (her canines) and all went back to normal.

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