• We have a 6 month old male B. Our first B ever so we are pretty new to the breed. Last week Diesel started grinding his teeth. He does it mostly in the evening when we are settling down for the night. It looks like his back molars have come in. Any one know why he would be grinding his teeth?

  • I would say teething, as the back molars are the last to come in and are not quite in yet. Have you seen any baby teeth that he has spit out?... if they are getting loose or the perms are coming it, it will cause grinding at times. If you have concerns, go to your Vet and/or talk to your breeder? Have you done that, talk to your breeder?

  • Yes we have seen many baby teeth he has spit out. It does seem it would be related to teething.

    We did talk tot he breeder and she said it may be due to getting male hormones. (Which Diesel is probably also doing since he has started to pee with his leg up day before yesterday.) The breeder also suggested posting a thread to a basenji forum and see what others have experienced.

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