Clashing teeth

Today i was playing with Malaika with her toys on the rug. She's been a lot better recently and not biting me or my clothes. Today however she got a bit carried away and lunged for my face. We clashed teeth, and i don't know who was more shocked, her or me 😃

Malaika is like my Buddy. Sometimes he gets too rambunctious and I have to watch out when I'm down low with him playing as he will collide head on into me. I have to keep my head up and back or turned away. I have a friend that got her nose broke because she had her head down and the dog bobbed up really fast. When they get excited and playful their moves can be powerfully fast and unpredictable.

I think these Basenjis forget that they are more resilient than us… 😃

(I know from experience) 🙂

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