• Hi it's Maya's dad
    I know we have quite a few of the members that are involved with Basenji Rescue, so just thought I would pass this on and give this brindle a chance to find a good home(got my second Basenji about 3 months ago or else would of adopted him myself) there's a brindle on Kijiji in London Ontario that needs re-homing follow link below:

    Thanks for reading

  • The ontario basenji situation is being taken care of. The breeder will be taking him back. But unfortunately after having free reign of the home, he will be have to be confined until he can be integrated back into a home. It's the best situation the breeder could come up with. So if anyone knows of a home for this Basenji, let me know. The Basenji will be residing in NY state.

  • Thank heavens for responsible breeders.

  • Houston

    Thank heavens for responsible breeders.

    Amen to that :):)

  • Awe, I hope this boy can find a new forever home…

  • I hope so too. He's used to being able to roam throughout the house and now he will be kennelled. So, hopefully, a new home will be found for him shortly.

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