• Hi fellow Basenji parents,
    I have a question and i am so worry over my girl. I have a 2 year old girl, she was spayed Friday, and also had an unbilical hernia repaired. She was sleepy Friday when we picked her up, but still nosey, and alert. Her entire personality has changed , she was very independent,but ever since, she has been whiney, and needy , when shes awake.She is not really eating or drinking, unless i hand feed/water her, i thought she was just being a big baby, to look into her eyes, you can see she fels bad. she only gets up to go out to potty,and back lay down.Her tummy looks swollen, but she is a fat girl(30 pounds)….She goes back in a week to have sutures removed.Does anyone know whats wrong with her?

  • This sort of change needs to be checked by a vet. Could be that she has a bit of an infection or that something isn't healing quite right but whatever, she should be checked over by the vet.

  • angelinahotty, I would contact the vet today. In my experience, the spayed bitch should be acting normal by the time she goes home. The anethstesia should have worn off for the most part by the time she was released to go home.

  • Gonna call the vet as soon as they open. Thanks.

  • is she on pain meds?

  • I agree, dogs usually are pretty okay after a spay, sore but not enough to really limit them. I have always had more troubles keeping mine still, so unless she is on pain meds causing the behaviors (and really even then), I'd take her back in or at least take her temp.

  • Houston

    oh I do hope you get a hold of your Vet, it might be nothing (our mutt girl behaved like that for almost a week, she did lose a lot of blood during her spay though..), but then again it could mean something is not right, regardless it makes you worried sick..
    Please keep us posted.

  • This is worrying - please let us know how you get on at the vets.

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