One week with Gambit

Gambit is one of the smartest and friendliest puppies I have ever known, that said she is going thru the puppy teething stage right now. Her breeder warned me that she liked to chomp on his toes. I find she really prefers a good nyla bone and is quite easily channeled onto good behaviors. Her favorite thing to do, is to go with us for rides in the car, such a pleasure after our whippet who shakes and drools the first couple hours even at age 4 This weekend we are going to Hutto TX for an AKC trial, a nice long 12 hour drive in our tiny RV. Will see how she likes that. I know she will appreciate the 70 degree temps vs our 30 degree, wet weather.

Too darling!!!!

That's a really cosy picture!

My husband just sent a few photos, this is the first time Gambit has been outside as its been cold and rainy ever since she got here. Look like she is enjoying her time with the big brothers.


Too cute Lisa..I love the running picture and the one where their both free stacked…so cute...

oh my gosh - your tris look like twins!!! their facial markings are so similar!
cute, cute, cute!

They are marked very similar and seem to have very similar builds. She just has longer black leotards on.

trog says "you bought a mini-me!"

very cute baby

Love that face!:) Great photos. Thanks for sharing:)

Superb pictures! They look wonderful together - you must be very proud of them both.

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