Hello every one

Hi my name is Lourdes, from Panama (Central America) congratulations your page are amazing and very useful because here in my country basenjis are a very unknown breed, I have 3 B's Khufu (tri) the baby and the boss, his brother Kimba and my oldie girl Anubis (13).
Here are some pics to introduce them:/Users/lourdeszeitoun/Desktop/Kimba and Khufu.jpg
/Users/lourdeszeitoun/Desktop/oldie Anubis.jpg
I have a fb page, in spanish but with nice pics, and promise in english soon https://www.facebook.com/pages/Basenjis-PTY-Panam?/307055812661556
Barooosss from Panama

Welcome to the forums! Hope you can find some valuable information on this site. I know I have! Unfortunately you pictures never showed up but we would love to see pictures of your babies!

Welcome, we always enjoy having new members from different areas of the world.

Welcome to the forum

Remove the ? from the facebook URL address to get to the page. Cute pics!

Bienvenida Lourdes… Bellos tus perros!!!

Welcome to the Forum to you, Anubis, Khufu and Kimba.

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