• Hi my name is Lourdes, from Panama (Central America) congratulations your page are amazing and very useful because here in my country basenjis are a very unknown breed, I have 3 B's Khufu (tri) the baby and the boss, his brother Kimba and my oldie girl Anubis (13).
    Here are some pics to introduce them:/Users/lourdeszeitoun/Desktop/Kimba and Khufu.jpg
    /Users/lourdeszeitoun/Desktop/oldie Anubis.jpg
    I have a fb page, in spanish but with nice pics, and promise in english soon https://www.facebook.com/pages/Basenjis-PTY-Panam?/307055812661556
    Barooosss from Panama

  • Welcome to the forums! Hope you can find some valuable information on this site. I know I have! Unfortunately you pictures never showed up but we would love to see pictures of your babies!

  • Welcome, we always enjoy having new members from different areas of the world.

  • Welcome to the forum

  • Remove the ? from the facebook URL address to get to the page. Cute pics!

  • Bienvenida Lourdes… Bellos tus perros!!!

  • Welcome to the Forum to you, Anubis, Khufu and Kimba.

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