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    Not a good way to start the weekend. My 13 yr old girl Aurora went on a walkabout the neighborhood without us knowing. We have a doggie door to a fenced in back yard. Since it was Saturday me and hubby were sleeping in a little so the dogs went out on their own. When we got up there was a message on our answering machine saying that this person had returned our dog to our back yard he had found her walking around. My hubby goes out to the backyard to figure out how she escaped. We do check our fence regularly as we dog sit a lot, but since all the snow has FINALLY melted my old little girl had found a spot where the tree roots had popped a board loose. Luckly my 9yr old boy didn't follow her through. The moral of the story is make sure you have an ID tag on the collar of your basenji. This nice man was able to return her to us. The fence has been inspected again and all the boards firmly back in place. She's now a very tired girl sleeping on her bed in bay window basking in the sunshine.

  • So glad this turned out well for all of you. It's amazing how little room a basenji needs to make an escape. And yes, I agree with you 100% on the ID tags, microchips, tattoos - whatever it takes to make your dog identifiable.

  • I know you're relieved that this man found her and brought her back! Lots of people wouldn't do that. I also agree with microchips and ID tags on the collar.

  • Lenora, I am blessed to live in a neighborhood that has many dog owners so we tend to look out for each other's pets. I still can't beleive my 13 yr old arthritic girl who can barely walk some days went exploring. Just goes to show you that no matter what their age they can be michevious.

  • Houston

    so glad to hear that all is well again in your home..silly old lady, going out for an adventure..so funny, now, in retrospect.
    My dogs have both id tags and microchip…my id tags states "Needs Medicin" so no one gets the urge to keep my dog..

  • From one 13 year old to another - Spring says "Home is best. Wooo wooo".

    So glad that all ended well.

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