Lure Coursing in KY? Can crosses do it?

I would love to try p-dog on lure coursing, as she is very fast and agile and likes to chase things 😉 Are there any clubs/ meetings I could go to in Kentucky? Can cross breeds do it, or only purebreds?

AKC just launched the "Coursing Ability" test for non-sighthounds. It says the Canine Partners program is eligible so that means mixed breeds can compete. You will just have to find a local club that is participating.

If the club holds practices, you could run your dog then. Some clubs have practices after the trial on Saturday but it is dependent upon time, weather, equipment, etc. The clubs usually charge a small amount for a practice run.


I believe bluegrass coursing club is haveing the CAT in Calhoun Ga at the end of Feb. That or OKIGO in Ohio would be your closest AKC clubs for the test as they have not been coursing in KY the last couple yrs. I typically drive 6-12 hours for any lure coursing events, they are never nearby.

First Basenji's

We took Mojo to his first lure coursing trial on Saturday! He absolutely loved it and did an amazing job!!!! Check him out on youtube

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