Hello all! This is my baby boy, a 3 month old Basenji. My fiance and I live in South Louisiana and procured our basenji right before Christmas. So far he has been quite a hand-full but we love him so much and wouldn't trade him for the world! 😃

How cute, welcome

Where did you get your baby boy? Many of us are related by our Basenjis…..

We found a breeder in South Texas–Beeville
We lucked out because this happened to be Dee's last litter, they're retiring from the basenji-breeding business.

Welcome to the forum! Your new basenji boy is definitely a cutie and a keeper! What's his name?

His name is AndyGator–after my favorite Abita Beer 😉


Welcome AndyGator…he is too cute.

Welcome to the forum both of you.

Welcome to the forum! If he wasn't a handful then he's not a Basenji!:D

Thanks for the welcomes guys! We thought we knew what we were getting into with a Basenji but I guess there's no way to know until you try 😉 Couldn't have anticipated all the love he gives us either!! 🙂

Welcome he is cute. I know you have a great puppy I know how Jayden has been handful but good boy. You are correct this was Dee's last litter as they are also moving.

Rita Jean

Congrats on the new pup!

Congratulations on your new little guy - Andygator is adorable - I love the brindles! Know what you mean about thinking you knew what you were getting into until you actually got into it. Our little one was quite a bit more handful than we thought too! But every bit worth it. She is now 2, and there are more great moments than grrrrrr ones!

I'm from south Louisiana, too! 🙂 AndyGator is too cute!! Our boy, Dexter, is so calm and sleepy, and lovable right now. Guess I'll see that natural mischief take form sooner or later like you did! 🙂

Hi DexterDex! I'm Andy's other 'parent'. We are just south of Lafayette. When Dexter gets a little bigger, maybe him and Andy can meet up!

Also, here is a picture of Andy after going for a run around the neighborhood. A tired basenji is a well behaved basenji!

ROFLMAO, very cute… but a tired basenji is usually only momentarily tired. 🙂

ragincajun, that sounds like a great idea! We live around Thibodaux. That's such a cute picture, sprawled flat across the floor 🙂

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