Dolce Falls Through, Skates & Then Eats The Ice

  • While she did not originally like the snow, Dolce loved playing in the backyard once the snow froze over and turned to ice. She really liked chasing ice chips across the ice and then eating her prey!

    No Basenjis were harmed in the making of this video.

  • That video is super cute! I love how fast her feet work to try to stop the sliding.

  • That's excellent and too funny! "Oh NO, no braaaaakes"!

  • ahaha i love this video. So cute as she eventually learns how to maneuver on the ice.

  • Dolce should star in Dancing on ice which is a programme on in the UK at the moment šŸ˜ƒ
    I thought she was going to crash into the fence at one point šŸ˜®
    Like your choice of music too.

  • ROFL! She was really enjoying herself though I am surprised Natalie didn't have her bundled up in 2 sweaters and a coat to go outside. giggles My dogs didn't mind the ice but I didn't care much for it. I fell not once, not twice, but THREE times and jacked up my back. I would be happy to not see ice like that ever again.

  • First Basenji's

    That's so cute! I laughed so hard! Looks like she finally learned to use her brakesā€¦ maybe she can teach Cody. She looked like she was unimpressed with the snow when she was sinking with every step!

  • Houston

    Hilarious, I love how she slid across the iceā€¦

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