African dog puppies

Brookfield Zoo?s African wild dog pack recently grew by 10 little pups.

Six-year-old mother Kim birthed the sizable litter ? six males and four females ? on Thanksgiving Day. After weeks in a dark, hay-lined nest box, the puppies recently began to emerge and explore the world around them.

I can't wait to see them. Our family always like to see the dogs. The adults are much larger in person then what I would have thought seeing them in nature specials. They are also much fatter. Beautiful coats .

There is a video on YouTube featuring the vet check of one of the pups - adorable! I imagine you can just type in "Brookfield zoo African dog" and it should pop up.

Thanks found it. Cute & calm puppies.

Thanks for sharing! They all look adorable! And the puppy girl in the video is so calm!

And those ears…. 😃 Super cute!

They are sooo cool! And so hard to have reproduce in captivity! Yay for Brookfield!


Too cute and yes, very cool, Thank you for sharing.

Wow their looks remind me of hyenas! Very cute.

I love African "Spotted Dogs", I saw some at the Chicago Zoo over 15 years ago. National Geographic had a wonderful long article about them several years ago.

The video was so cute, the little baby girl really was calm for all her checkup, only squirming a lot after the microchip insertion - hard to believe they are not just dogs of another color rather than considered zoo animals?!?
😞 There are videos you Brits can see, it is blocked to US 😞

Scientific name: Lycaon pictus
Rank: Species
Common names:

  • African hunting dog,
  • Cape hunting dog,
  • Painted hunting dog,
  • Painted wolf,
  • Spotted dog

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