• We have two of Robyn's dogs and they are fantastic. (And so is Robyn!) Robyn's Jozie is the sister of our male, Jayden. We got our two from her when they were each almost a year old and it was great. They were crate trained, house broken, and socialized. Both love cats. (as long as they don't run…which a cat usually does when it discovers that it has strayed into a yard with two basenjis. They just want it to stay and play.)
    We love Robyn and her crew!

    Cory and Jayden

  • Robyn, you have some of the best looking Bs I've seen and I'll be sure to keep them in mind. I'm still a little hesitant about the cats, it only takes a moment for something to happen. Not saying it would, but you never know. The girls can be a little flighty especially with the doorbell, vacuum, and other loud noises. I don't mind putting work into a new family member though.

    At this point I'm willing to wait a while, I was so hoping to have a B by Thanksgiving and then by Xmas, but it's just not in the cards. My parents had to wait for me for 2 yrs, I can do the same for a new member of my family ( so I'll give it another year.)

  • Though I know you say you would prefer a male, you may want to give some serious thought to Jozie.

  • I'm hoping to be able to take the new addition with me to work (on occasion), friends' houses, dog parks, training classes, and to see an extremely close friend of the family/ surrogate grandfather who lives in a nursing home (his dog passed away a couple of years ago while he was hospitalized before having to go into the home.) I'm not sure how Jozie would do with all the men.

  • With all of your expectations, it may not be possible to find an adult dog that fits the bill. Quite honestly, very few dogs of any breed would be absolutely comfortable with the long list of expectations that you have. It would be best to think about what things are absolutely must haves and what are just might be nice. If all the things are non-negotiable then a dog may not be right for you at this time. Even getting the best bred puppy and raising it with the best methods is no garuntee that it will have all those qualities.

  • I know it's a list, but it's not that long. The most important would be cat safe and I would like to be able to take him out of the house. I do know for a fact there are and have been a good number of Bs that match and sometimes exceed the list that I do have… I've seen many over the years on the BRaT site. There have been at least 4 or 5 this year, I didn't go after every one and I just wasn't chosen (because there were so many other apps) or the fosterer decided to keep the B.

    Like I said I don't mind putting work into them as long as there's a basis of being ok with other cats, dogs, and people. Something to build upon over time and trust. I would not force the B or any other dog to do something it didn't like or didn't want to do, other than going to the vet when needed and an occasional bath.

    As far as dogs go in general I've had years of experience with all types of breeds and temperaments. Before the current job that I've been at for 6 years, I work at an extremely busy dog daycare while in college (where i did temperament testing, training, and some physical therapy), a boarding & grooming place that also did rescue, a pet store and a vet. I in no way think I know everything about Basenjis or dogs in general, but I do know a sizable amount and I'm always willing to learn more.

  • Actually, it is quite a list when you think about the skills the dog has to have. I have wonderfully socialized dogs with lovely temperaments but none of them really enjoy the dog park. Two are fine going but they don't really enjoy it and the other three don't want to be there, they don't want to have rude, strange dogs run up to them and molest them. As for being good at work, I don't know where you work but most work situations will require a dog with a good, "Go to Mat" and stay as well as being comfortable with the daily distractions of the environment. As for visiting strange households, if the they are human only and the dog has been doing that sort of thing all their life, it probably isn't much to ask but if the households have animals of their own it can be a challenge even for a dog that may be great with their own household's animals.

    I see lots of people who get dogs thinking they are going to do all these things and then are deeply disappointed by the reality of their dog. That is why I am saying you really need to think about whether all of these are must haves and how you will feel even if you think you have made the perfect choice and once you get the dog it turn out that it hates going to the office, or can't be at the dog park, or whatever quirk.

  • I am not a fan of dog parks…just too many jerks who let their dogs run riot.

  • I was just thinking dog parks as an avenue for socialization….it's totally not mandatory. If the B wanted to and liked the other dogs, I could do small play-dates with sane/ well behaved dogs and owners.

    For the most part I was speaking in general broad terms as far as outings. I'd honestly be happy with just being able to take him to the park, hiking, and to visit a hand full of people and if he's not interested in that, then at least be ok with them coming to the house.

    As far as work, he'd have the run of 2 offices, a hall, and if he liked cavalier playmates (my manager's well behaved dogs.) If he didn't like the other dogs or didn't like going to work, he could come alone or stay at home- no worries. I could bring my cats too, but they'd rather stay at home, so they do.

  • I'd like to let you know that I bring my two Basenji's to the dog park nearly every day and they Love Love Love it! I have one male, one female, both approx 4 yrs old. When I get home every day from work they are waiting for me with leashes in hand to get out the door and play with their friends. Even in the dead of winter now, snow, ice, cold, wind…they still want to go and run with other dogs, even if it is just for 10 or 20 minutes.

    My male (Bacchus) is not very interested in socializing with people at the park now but for the first few weeks he actually avoided the dogs and played with the people. Becca on the other hand really avoided both until she adjusted. She adjusts well in new situations, love to visit people, cuddles up on laps of strangers and will lick you to death!

    I wish you all the best with your search. You will find the right dog for your situation.

    Merry Xmas....Cathy

  • My gut feeling is if you can't find a dog who is utterly good with cats already, your best and safest bet is a puppy. I suggest you get on a couple of breeder's list and wait for the perfect pup for your house.

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