• I have just discovered this website so I thought I would chuck a few pics of my crazy two… They are brother and sister and I got them from a breeder here in Adelaide. They are 2 1/2 years old. Kenny has been desexed and we are planning on letting Blondie have one litter next time she comes on heat early next year. I have been going through the pics here on this website and they all crack me up! Basenjis are such funny dogs!!! 🙂

  • Welcome to the forum Kenny and Blondie! Great looking Bs. Thanks for the nice pics too!

  • Beautiful Bs! We have a Blondie here too….she is the most perfect Basenji ever 😉 Welcome to the forum.

  • Houston

    Welcome onboard..so nice to have all of you here. The pictures are awesome..Kenny and Blondie are two nice looking siblings.

  • Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing the pics of your lovely Basenjis.

  • What lovely dogs!

  • Welcome to Kenny and Blondie and their parent(s).

    I just love the pictures. The 2nd one is too funny, and that one where they are sitting on the hot tub makes me wonder if they would look so happy if the liner gave way and they fell in the water!

  • soooo cute! great wrinkly foreheads!

  • They obviously are great mates. Thank you for the pictures and welcome.

  • Welcome to the forum, from a fellow Aussie :D…

    Where did your 2 come from ??? We are often 'related' to each other through our B's... My guys have all come from Kylie Delacourt, Wazazi Kennels, in Sydney...

    Your 2 are very nice looking dogs :)...

  • They are from Akale here in Adelaide - http://www.akalebasenjis.com/ and from the same litter as Brittany and Bear. They are about 2 1/2 years old and our first lot of Basenji's. They crack me up every day! Such a funny dog!

  • Great pictures. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Very cute pictures, why exactly are you going to let her have a litter? Do you show? If breeding have you had all the health checks done first? Just wondering, with so many Bs in rescue and needing forever homes. Wonderful looking Bs.

  • My partner and I always wanted to have a set of pups, to go through that process. We also have a family member wanting a pup and with the amount of interest we get from our two when we take them for walks I don't think it would be that hard to find owners for the rest. We are also going through the breeder where we got out 2 from so this will reduce any chance of having health problems with the litter. We may even end up keeping one ourselves… might be too hard to part... And just like our breeder offered to us, we will let buyer know that if they are not happy with the puppy at any time then they can bring him/her back and we will give them there money back. Win / win for both parties! And for interest, in Australia when our 2 were born there were only 64 bred through out the whole country so you won't find too many Basenji's with out a home in Oz.

  • Kenny and Blondie, I did wonder if they were from Akale kennels ;)…

    Lovely dogs :)...

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