Kell of the Graham 8 is growing up

  • Kell was one of 8 pups rescued by BRAT in Graham Texas, all were dumped by back yard breeder at a kill shelter. We took him to foster with a possible adoption, but after just a few days, we knew he wan't going anywhere. Had to be sure our old grumpy male Cory would let him live, and after a very bad beginning, they get along fine now and nap together on the couch. We have always fed once a day, with treats during the day for going into crates when we leave for work, when I am home for lunch and they go back into crates and treats at bedtime, so no one starves here. We have been lucky in 36 years as B slaves not to ever have a B with a sensitive tummy.

  • I love Kell stories!!!!

    I have a huge B girl that's 30 lbs. She'll be 8 in a couple weeks and the vet told me she was a bit overweight and could lose 1 lb! Like that's even worth it!!!:)

    On the other hand, I have a tiny male that's 20 lbs soaking wet!!!!🆒

    When we are out and about, people think the male is the female and vice versa.

    Mine wait for me to go down the hall and follow like velcro after about 5 PM. This goes on until I actually go to bed.

    Again, I love Kell stories! I picture a happy, funny, clown that is full of love and baroos! Please continue to share!

  • Yes Kell is full of baroos, a very bass baroo, he sings with the kong in his mouth, a funny sound to be sure. He is a love, no alpha in him. We wonder what he would of become if he had been loved and handled from day one as we handled our pups when we were breeding our Bs. He comes out of his crate, wriggling and wanting to be loved, while the others head straight out the door to take care of business. Our youngest B girl, is Sidhe (Shaye) and if she weighs 18 lbs soaking wet that is a stretch. but she and Kell play, chase each other, she jumps over him or goes under if he gets too close. If she gets snarky with him, he just plants one big paw on her head and down she goes. Who needs TV when you have moving entertainment in your house!

  • @deschroedter:

    Yes Kell is full of baroos, a very bass baroo, he sings with the kong in his mouth, a funny sound to be sure.

    oh wow you must tape it and share!

  • Lovely to hear how your pack are doing 🙂

  • Simon was 30.5 pounds at the vet when we took him for neutering. Lean and heavy, that's our basenjipony. He'll likely gain another pound or so. Since Curie was 19 at her HEAVIEST, this has been a bit of a change, especially for me! 31 pounds is not exactly so easy to just scoop up when the pizza guy comes to the door 🙂

    Omg, the toys here are ridiculous. We do the same thing, put them in the bin, he strews them around, repeat. It's like he thinks the floor is a big etch a sketch and we "reset" it for him to decorate.

    Kell sounds terrific 🙂

  • Hi, it has been a shock to the system to try to carry this boy anywhere, it is a 2 handed grasp and then lift with the knees. Sidhe is still a one arm scoop up.

  • Basenjipony. Snort. I like that.

  • pics of said fat B?

  • Houston

    LOve your stories of Kell…yes, I would love to see pics too.

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