The boys went home on Friday. Their owners have already emailed a couple of times to let me know how their first weekend home is going. So far they settling into their new homes pretty nicely.

Sophie has been enjoying the company of her mom and big sister to help her adjust to not having her brothers around all the time.


That's nice that the boys are settling in with their new homes. It must seem quiet without them. Sophie looks like such a big girl! What beautiful photos in the sunlight. Glad to hear all is well.

Basenji Mix

How is Rally doing? Does she seem to miss her boys? I feel kinda sad for her. Looks like Sofie's up. Rally and big sis look like they are either glad to have a quieter home or they're bumming out. Beautiful photos in the spotlight.

The adults are all actually more relaxed than they have been since the puppies were born. They have all been wrestling and playing and enjoying their favorite sun spots. They are also all taking turns with Sophie so she gets lots of attention without any one of them having to take all the responsiblity. On Saturday we took Rio and Rally to an agility workshop and Sophie to a puppy workshop. Rally was thrilled to get back on the agility equipment. She had a blast and really lit up when running the course.

Beautiful pictures! I love how the sun always seeks out the 'senji! πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ I'm glad to hear the boys are doing well in their new home. I'm sure you must miss them.

great Pics!!!

great Pics!!!

Sophie is 12 weeks old today. She is getting along with everyone in the household and the dogs spend lots of time wrestling. I got an update on Zeke and he is doing well. His basenji housemates spend most of the day alternating between playing and napping with him. Hopefully, I will get some pictures soon.


The third pic of Rio and Sophie is my favorite.

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The activity in this group of pics is reminiscent of my new pup Daisy and Duke. They are either in each others face, running around or taking a break - like the 3rd pic. Sophie looks like the wiser in the 3rd pic. She must be learning lots from mom & Rio.

Great pics, the 3rd one is adorable, all streched out and comfy

Here is Sophie curled up next to her uncle Nicky


Awww, she is so pretty and what a beautiful coat shehas, very dark and shiny

Sophie is 15 weeks old this week. Here is a family photo.

Rally, DC Sherwood's Shadow of the Moon SC, FCh, JOR
Sophie, Kinetic-Tanza Soul Music
Nicky, DC Sherwood's In The Nick of Time SC, RN, LCM
Rio, Kinetic Sourcery SC


Cute cute cute….and more cute!

Sophis is very pretty! Is the family pic the 'calm before the storm?'

I love the family photo! Every time I set my grooming table up all 4 cats usually jump up on it. Its a bugger keeping the cats off so I can groom the dogs. Anyone want a cat?

Basenji Mix

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Really nice picture of the family! How'd you get them to "STAY!"

That is a whole lot of cute on one table πŸ˜ƒ

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