• We took Cody to the vet for dental…he is almost 11 yr old.
    Well, he had a cracked tooth, which they pulled.
    He is pretty sore today, so has some mind pain meds.
    My credit card is very sorry.
    This visit cost me over $600 bucks.:eek:
    BUT they are a really good vet, and have been my vet for years..
    Its just all gotten so expensive!!
    But if you have beloved dogs, you have to tend them...

  • Poor Cody, hope he's feeling much better soon.
    No doubt he will recover quicker than your credit card, sharron 😉

  • Cody, see how much your Mom loves you? Sharron, I just love your devotion to your b's. Give both Cody and your credit card a hug for me.

  • Thanks Fran.. I think your right. This vet just got back from a month visit to Europe.
    I see he is working on his next trip.
    Seriously, he is a good vet, listens to you when you say something is wrong with your dog, doesn't push pills if he doesn't know what the issue is, and will take you in whenever you have an emergency.
    So, really, he is worth it…sigh, or I keep telling myself. laugh.
    Hugs to you all.

  • First Basenji's

    Oh wait, how'd I miss this?? I just posted about dental work.

    Sounds like a fun trip… it's one I'll be "looking forward" to soon. 😛

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